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How to Enter Your ConenctED McGraw-Hill Account

  • You can login with the username you created or were assigned
  • If you’re a teacher use your profile email address for your username
  • New users must sign up for an account prior to gaining access
  • The system provides convenient login recovery options

When push comes to shove, we all have high expectations for today’s technology.  The good news is, your expectations won’t fall short when it comes to McGraw-Hill’s ConnectED.  For instance, the portal provides almost unheard of user support.  Locked out of your account?  No problem!  Simply, click on one of the account recovery links located below the login fields.

Account Recovery for ConenctED McGraw-Hill 

  • If you’re a teacher you’ll need to enter your email address to recover a password
  • Meanwhile, students will need their teacher to help with password recovery
  • Likewise, students will also need to talk to a teacher about username recovery
  • If you’re a teacher you can enter your email address to recover your username
  • Click the Need help? link if your having problems with restoring your account

By the way, none of this account recovery talk matters if you haven’t even set up an account.  In order to do so, click the Create Account tab.  Next, you’ll need to enter one of two codes to proceed.  If your a teacher, enter the registration code you received.  Meanwhile, students will need to enter their class code.  Please note that class codes are 8 digits in length while registration codes are only 7 digits in length.

Once you’ve successfully signed up an an account, it’s time to use it!  To do so, simply enter your login credentials in the sign in fields before hitting the Login button to enter.  Finally, you can report issues by contacting technical support at 800-331-5094.

McGraw-Hill Address

  • P.O. Box 182605
  • Columbus, OH 43218


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