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Colo Quest Card

  • Recipients can login, activate a card, or register for UCARD Center use
  • Information can be communicated in both English and Spanish

Colo Quest Card holders can now access their card account information through the easy and convenient online UCARD center.  After arriving at the UCARD Center recipients will be able to activate a card, register for account access, or login to their account.  To proceed with card activation users will need to hit the Activate Your Card button and then enter the card number.  The same process will need to be followed in order to register for the UCARD Center except users will need to start by clicking the Register For UCARD Center button.  To login to a Colo Quest Card account recipients will need to enter their User ID and Password into the provided fields.  Username and password recovery assistance is available for users that have forgotten or misplaced their login credentials.

What does Chase do with my information after logging into my Colo Quest Card account?

  • Chase will share cardholder personal information for everyday business purposes such as transaction processing and account maintenance
  • Information is never shared for purposes of offering products or services to the cardholder
  • Chase does not share personal information with its affiliates even for everyday business purposes
  • Personal information is collected whenever an account is opened, a bill is paid, or a withdrawal is made
  • Cardholder information that is shared may include social security numbers, employment information, account balances, and payment history
  • Even when the cardholder is no longer a Colo Quest Card customer information will continue to be shared

JP Morgan Chase & Co. is one of the biggest financial services companies in the United States.  The company was founded way back in 1799 and has headquarters located in New York City, NY.  To reach headquarters customers can write to 270 Park Avenue New York, NY 10017 or call 212-270-6000.


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