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  • An activation code is needed to begin set up
  • Privacy Policy & Terms of Service are provided
  • Contact information for CNBC is available

The ability to watch on demand content anytime and (pretty much) anywhere is becoming easier and easier by the passing second.  A perfect example of this is illustrated by the simple device activation process found at the CNBC Fire TV page.  The process of getting set up for what is sure to be countless hours of viewing pleasure can be initiated upon arrival at the page by entering an activation code prior to hitting the GO button to proceed.  Users who want to check out the Terms of Service associated with use of the device can click the link posted at the bottom of the CNBC Fire TV page to bring up a full copy (might be a good idea to do so before beginning the activation process).  The Privacy Policy link can be clicked by those who are interested in knowing how personal information will be used and collected (again probably a good idea to review).

What can I watch once I complete the activation??

  • Shark Tank – A gang of savvy investors listen to investment pitches from inspiring entrepreneurs
  • Mad Money – Journey inside the mind of one of Wall Street’s most respected money managers
  • Fast Money – A five person panel provides investing info normally reserved for the trading floor
  • Billion Dollar Buyer – A billionaire hospitality mogul attempts to make small businesses BIG
  • Adventure Capitalists – Aspiring products are put to the test in rigorous outdoor expeditions

Once the activation process has been completed at the CNBC Fire TV page the device will be ready stream full episodes of available online content from CNBC.  Questions for the network can be addressed by completing the contact form found at the online Help Center with an email address, subject, category, subcategory, and message (those who REALLY mean business can also attach files if necessary).  Those with corporate-related questions for the network can try reaching out to the CNBC global headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

CNBC Headquarters Contact Information

  • 900 Sylvan Avenue, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632
  • 201-735-2622


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