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A Look at the Circle K Easy Pay Debit Card

  • Customers can complete the enrollment process online
  • New cardholders will receive a 30 day introductory offer

One of the most effective ways a company can go about gaining customer loyalty is by giving back where it counts – THE WALLET.  Circle K seems to have gotten the memo regarding this topic as shown by its Easy Pay debit card.  Customers who sign up for this lucrative card (and then use it to purchase gasoline) will save a whopping 20 cents per gallon of gas purchased (6 cents rolled back at the pump and a 14 cent statement credit).  Those who have heard enough and wish to enroll for the Circle K Easy Pay debit card can begin by completing an online registration form that requires an email address, password, name, phone number, gender, date of birth, and address.  Customers who want a few more details can click the link provided under the registration form to learn more about the Circle K Easy Pay debit card’s terms and conditions.

Getting Set up with the Circle K Easy Pay Debit Card

  • Customers will first need to go to a Circle K retail location and request a card from ta customer service representative
  • A checking account will need to be linked to the card during the online Circle K Easy Pay Debit Card enrollment process
  • Cardholders will need to choose a secure User ID/PIN to be entered at the pump when inserting the card to pay
  • Once online enrollment has been completed cardholders will receive an email that confirms the card is ready to use

Those who have already registered for online account access can click the Sign In button to begin the entry process.  After clicking the button either the Loyalty or Payment option must be clicked to proceed (basically choose between making a payment or managing points).  Cardholders should be aware that the 20 cents per gallon savings on gas is a limited time introductory offer good for the first 30 days of enrollment (every day discounts will apply after the expiration of the introductory offer).  Cardholders who have questions regarding Circle K Easy Pay debit card payments can call the Payment Card Customer Service line.


Payment Card Customer Service

  • 855-276-6088



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