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Chipotle Chiptopia 

  • First time users will need to register card to begin earning rewards
  • Returning members can login with an email address and password

Perhaps the only thing better than chowing down on a freshly prepared meal from Chipotle is earning rewards while doing so.  That is exactly what customers can accomplish with the new Chipotle Chiptopia rewards program.  To get involved customers will need to pick up a Chipotle Chiptopia rewards card and register it online by entering a first name, last name, zip code, email address, and mobile number.  Members who have already registered can access their rewards account by logging in with an email address and password.  Those who have forgotten their Chipotle Chiptopia password can begin the journey to regain account access by clicking the appropriate link and entering their email address.

Rewards Up for Grabs Through the Chipotle Chiptopia Program

  • Customers that have picked up a card will receive a free order of chips and guacamole with their first qualifying purchase as long as the card is registered before July 31st, 2016
  • A qualifying purchase must be a minimum of $6 before tax in order to count towards the rewards program (alcohol and other exclusions apply to the qualifying purchase)
  • To gain Chipotle Chiptopia status levels customers must make purchases on different days throughout the month (multiple purchases in one sitting will not count)
  • Members that achieve the same status level for July, August, and September will be eligible to receive a bonus reward (limit of one bonus reward per participant)
  • Mild status for all three months earns an extra entrée, medium status for all three months earns $20 in merchandise, and hot status for all three months earns catering for 20

In addition to the plastic card customers will be able to obtain a digital card through the Chipotle Chiptopia page.  The digital card can be displayed on a smart phone where it can be shown to a cashier when checking out.  Once a reward has been earned it can be redeemed at the checkout counter at a Chipotle location (the cashier will know when a reward is available to be redeemed.)  Customers that have inquiries about the rewards program or other restaurant related topics can reach out to Chipotle headquarters.

Chipotle Headquarters

  • 1401 Wynkoop St. Ste. 500 Denver, CO 80202
  • 303-595-4000





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