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Check Balance Reward For Loyalty Card Access

Check Balance Reward For Loyalty Card Access

  • Balance can be confirmed by entering the card number online at the designated check balance page
  • Telephone support is available to users that are having problems with Reward For Loyalty card access

Those lucky enough to have received a Reward For Loyalty card from a participating merchant can now access their card information by getting on their computers and hopping on the internet. After navigating to the check balance page cardholders will need to enter their card number in the provided field and then hit the Submit button in order to find out what their balance is.

Users that are having problems finding their card number can refer to the convenient sample image posted via link on the Check Balance Reward For Loyalty page (card number should be located in the upper right side on the back of the card).

Cardholders struggling to get the balance information online should stay calm and dial 888-541-6789 then follow the prompts to reach Support.


A Little Bit More About Reward For Loyalty Card Access

  • Cardholders that believe their card to be lost or stolen will need to contact the issuing merchant directly to remedy the issue
  • Cards may be devalued after a period of inactivity in accordance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Reward for Loyalty cards are not re-loadable and not redeemable for cash


For further information about Reward For Loyalty cards users will need to contact the merchant that issued the card directly (the name and contact information of the merchant should be found on the card).



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