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Chase Rewards Program Settlement

  • Claims can be filed online or by mail
  • Exclusives must be sent by deadline

Points earned through a credit card’s reward program are becoming an increasingly hot topic.  With all of the fuzz over the matter it comes as no surprise that the average consumer may feel slightly perturbed over losing out on points they have rightfully earned.  In the case of Gao, et al. v. JPMorgan Chase & Co., et al the plaintiff’s were perturbed enough to file a class action lawsuit over it.  In this class action lawsuit that has recently come to a settlement for $2,085,000, the plaintiffs allege that Chase impermissibly forfeited customer reward points upon closing of credit card accounts.  Chase, on the other hand, has denied any wrong doing in the matter but has agreed to the settlement to avoid the costs and uncertainty of further litigation.  Class members who believe they are entitled to a piece of the juicy settlement will need to go to the Chase Rewards Program Settlement page to get started with a claim.

Dropping a Little Knowledge Regarding the Chase Rewards Program Settlement

  • Customers may be part of the Settlement Class if they forfeited points upon the closing of their account from 2009 through present day
  • Class Members must not have been given the opportunity to redeem any forfeited points after the closing of their Chase credit card account
  • Those who file a valid claim for the Chase Rewards Program Settlement will receive a base amount or pro rata share of the Settlement Fund
  • All claims must be submitted by the March 17th, 2017 claim filing deadline (mailed claim forms will need to be postmarked no later than the deadline)

Class Members who are not overly impressed with the Chase Rewards Program Settlement can retain their rights to sue by excluding themselves prior to the February 15th, 2017 deadline.  Those who have questions regarding the settlement can reach out to the Settlement Administrator by phone, email, or mail.

Chase Rewards Program Settlement Administrator

  • PO Box 43428, Providence, RI 02940-3428
  • 855-306-9709


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