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Requesting a Credit Line Increase from Chase

  • The credit line increase can be processed in just 3 easy steps
  • Code from the offer letter is needed to complete the request
  • Chase customer service contact information is available

Most credit card users know that the pros of having a higher credit line typically outweigh the cons (it’s really not even close!).  For starters, a higher line of credit provides consumers with the security of more purchasing power (never know when its going to be needed!) and can even lead to an increase in a borrowers credit score.  Reasons such as these are likely the reason why many Chase customers are thrilled to have received an offer to increase their credit lines.  Those that are ready to get started with requesting an increase can begin by going to the Chase Increase My Line page and entering the 10 digit personal code shown in the offer letter.  Once the code has been entered customers must verify income before receiving an answer on how much of an increase they are eligible for.  Those with questions about the line increase process can try reviewing the information found under the FAQ section posted at the bottom of the Chase Increase My Line page.

Helpful Information About Requesting a Credit Limit Increase from Chase

  • Credit reports WILL NOT be pulled when requesting a line increase from Chase
  • There is absolutely ZERO FEES associated with moving forward with the increase
  • An answer on how much of a line increase will be provided is shown instantly
  • Income verification is necessary to deem whether or not a customer is eligible

Those who are struggling to find the code needed to begin the increase can try clicking the Where can I find this? link posted at the Chase Increase My Line page for more information.  Cardholders with questions about privacy and security can refer to the appropriate links provided at the bottom of the page.  More information about increasing a line (and just about any other topic for that matter) can be addressed by reaching out to Chase directly by phone or through mail correspondence.

Chase Contact Info

  • PO Box 36520, Louisville, KY 40233-6520
  • 877-242-7372


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