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Activating a Device at

  • Activattion Code is required to launch content
  • New on demand content is added regularly
  • Activation Code can be regenerated to try again

Comedy is a genre best served ON DEMAND.  As it so happens, this is exactly how fans of Comedy Central can now view the channel’s content thanks to the CC Activate page.  Viewers who wish to begin the journey towards on demand content can start by downloading the Comedy Central app to a device.  Once the app has been downloaded a service provider must be selected in order to get an activation code.  After the activation code has been secured the last step can be taken by going to the CC Activate page and entering the code into the blank field provided (technically the last step would be tapping the Activate button).

Wow that was easy….what else should I be aware of?

  • It will be necessary for users to create an account with their TV service provider (those who have already signed up can use their preexisting account)
  • Those who cannot find their TV service provider on the list should try their best to stay calm as Comedy Central is working to get all providers to participate
  • Users who are having problems with their activation code can click the Regenerate Code button on the activation code page to try the process again
  • Those who have lost, misplaced, or just plain forgot their username or password should follow up with their TV service provider for login assistance

After the device has been activated through the CC Activate page users will be able to browse a wide menu of videos that can be selected for viewing. Users are encourage to check back regularly as new shows are constantly being added for on demand streaming.

Comedy Central Phone Number

  • 212-767-8600




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