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Getting Started with Capital One Auto Enroll

  • Account verification is required to begin enrollment
  • Terms & Conditions must be read and agreed to
  • Toll-free over the phone support is available

The process of enrolling for something is usually a lot easier when done online (sure beats trying to communicate with one of those automated phone systems!).  For instance, those who need to enroll a new auto loan from Capital One can now do so in a matter of mere minutes at the Capital One Auto Enroll online portal.  Upon arrival at the portal, the enrollment process can be initiated by first entering a Social security Number, date of birth, and either an account number, last 6 digits of a VIN, or monthly payment amount to verify the account.  Once all of the required verification information has been entered a box must be checked to confirm the online banking Terms & Conditions have been read and are agreed to prior to hitting the Continue button to proceed with the enrollment process.

More Information Pertaining to Capital One Auto Loans

  • Payments sent via U.S. Mail can be directed to P.O. Box 60511 City of Industry, CA 91716
  • Overnight payments: 2525 Corporate Place, 2nd Floor Suite #250, Monterey Park, CA 91754
  • Documents associated with the Capital One Auto Enroll service can be faxed to 866-722-0410
  • Payments are accepted via money order or check (cashier and personal) in addition to online
  • Principal-only payments can be made at the Capital One 360 portal under the Payments tab

It should be noted that the number of days between payments may become altered after making a late payment or receiving a loan extension.  Those who already have an account with Capital One can login directly from the Capital One Auto Enroll portal by clicking the Sign In link and entering a username and account password.  Technical issues with the loan enrollment process can be addressed by calling 800-946-0332 between the hours of 8 AM and 9 PM ET Monday through Friday (save the weekend for something much more enjoyable!).  General correspondence for Capital One can be sent to the company’s PO Box in Salt Lake City, UT.

Capital One General Correspondence Mailing Address

  • PO Box 30273, Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0273


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