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Call of Duty: Redeem Your Codes Online

  • You’ll need to login to your account to redeem your codes
  • Password recovery assistance is available if you get stuck

The new Call of Duty Modern Warfare is fast approaching!  That said, there’s sure to be plenty of codes being redeemed in the coming months.  Just in case you’re late to the party on how to accomplish this, let’s take a look.  In order to redeem your code, you’ll need to go to the Call of Duty Redeem page and login with either through either a network or your Activision account.  Once logged in, follow the prompt to redeem your code.

Thing to Consider After Logging into Call of Duty Modern Warfare

  • In addition to being able to redeem codes for bonus rewards, you can sign up to receive in-game loot
  • You can get more involved in the community by using the Call of Duty forums and chatting on eSports
  • Stay up to date on all of the latest Call of Duty news such as Double XP Weekends and special events
  • Meditate and get ready for the live action that’s soon to be coming your way!

By the way, if you’re being denied access due to a lost or forgotten password, enter your email address you used to sign up (password recovery link is located under the login fields on the Call of Duty Redeem page).  Additionally, if you’re stuck because you haven’t created an account, you can enter an email address to begin the registration process. Those who are experiencing technical difficulty can pick up the phone and place a call to the Activision support headquarters.

Finally, if you have general questions for Activsion, try reaching out to the company’s headquarters at 310-255-2050.

Want in early? Redeem your code at

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