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How to Buy Robo Twist Online

  • Customers can place their orders online using a credit card
  • Orders can be secured with InsureShip for an additional fee

Even the strongest jarred food consumers (regardless of whether they want to admit to it or not) have been completely OWNED by a stubborn jar lid at one time or another.  It’s well past time to stop making excuses and start winning the battle against that pesky lid with the help of Robo Twist.  This innovative robotic jar opener has an easy to use push button design that works to unscrew any size jar.  Those who have already heard enough can take action by going to the Buy Robo Twist ordering page and pulling out a Visa, Discover, MasterCard, or American Express.

Whoooa…how about some more details before I buy Robo Twist?

  • Robo Twist can currently be purchased online for just $19.99 (plus an additional $6.95 for postage and handling)
  • The compact and easy to store robotic jar opener is ideal for seniors, children, and those suffering from arthritis
  • Sales tax will be applied to all Robo Twist orders from California, New Jersey, Nevada, and New York
  • A $10 shipping surcharge will be applied to all ordered from Alaska and Hawaii ($20 surcharge for Puerto Rico orders)

Once the credit card information has been entered at the Buy Robo Twist ordering page customers can finish their purchase by entering a name, address, phone number, and email address (box must be checked if shipping address differs from the billing address). Customers who want to back their orders up with InsureShip can do so prior to completing the easy ordering online process (additional $3.99 for InsureShip will be billed to the same card as a separate transaction).

Robo Twist Customer Service

  • 866-741-2091 (from 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Standard Time)


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