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BSN Team Sports

  • Access Code is needed to begin shopping process
  • Support available through online contact form

Organizing a sports team is hard enough without having to worry about what the team is going to wear once in action.  With that being said, it sure is a good thing team organizers can now ease the burden of shopping for team apparel by signing up for a team shop with BSN Team Sports.  Once a shop has been registered players can begin shopping online by entering the Access Code found on their team flyer.  Those who have no clue what in the world an Access Code is can get help by reaching out to their Team Coordinator or emailing BSN Team Sports.  Once a logged in players can starting shopping and saving on custom team apparel from the convenience of a computer, phone, or tablet.

What else should I keep in mind when using BSN Team Sports?

  • Those who are having problems logging in should check their team shop close date as Access Codes will no longer work once a shop is closed
  • The only products available to be purchased once logged in are items that have been selected by the team coordinator (items cannot be added)
  • Players who are concerned about how they look while competing may want to refer to the size chart located at the top right of their homepage
  • The ONLY forms of payment accepted on purchases at a BSN Sports team shop is Visa or MasterCard (no other card type or form can be used)

Players who want to review their selected items at any point in the shopping process can click the shopping cart icon located at the top right corner of the BSN Team Sports page. Those who need assistance can reach BSN Team Sports by filling out an online contact form. Responses to contact forms should be expected between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM Central Time Monday through Friday.



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