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Breeze and Thins Settlement

  • Claims can be submitted online or through mail
  • A Claim Filing Number will be needed to begin

Apparently people take the “all natural” claims that are now found on an increasing number of food products VERY seriously.  So much so in fact that Blue Diamond has recently agreed to pay up to an awe-inducing $8,995,000 to settle claims that were made in response to the labeling of their Almond Breeze and Nut Thins products.  The plaintiffs in the Townsend v. Blue Diamond Growers class action lawsuit allege that Blue diamond inaccurately advertised and packaged these products stating they were “natural” or “all natural” when in fact they included one or more synthetic ingredients.  Blue Diamond, however, challenges these allegations stating there was nothing wrong with its advertising.  It appears who was right and who was wrong will never be determined as both parties have agreed to the “Breeze and Thins Settlement” in order to avoid the costs and uncertainty of proceeding to trial.

No pun intended but how about telling us what we need to know in a “NUT SHELL”

  • Breeze and Thins Settlement Class Members who submit a valid claim under the penalty of perjury may recover $1 per unit purchased up to 5 units per household
  • Those who can take it one step further and add a Proof of Purchase with their claim will be eligible to recover $1 per unit purchased up to 10 units per household
  • All claims must be submitted prior to the April 13, 2017 claim filing deadline (those who file by mail will need to make sure claims are post marked by the deadline)
  • By November 30th, 2016 Blue Diamond must relabel its products to eliminate all “natural” or “all natural” packaging unless it is in accordance with FDA regulations

Class Members who wish to file a claim for their rightful chunk of the $8,995,000 will need to go to the Breeze and Thins Settlement page and enter a Claim filing Number to get started. Those who do not yet have a Claim filing Number can request one by submitting an email address, first name, and last name.  Anyone who wishes to get out of the settlement must exclude themselves by the March 2nd, 2017 deadline.

Breeze and Thins Settlement Administrator

  • Heffler Claims Group, P.O. Box 58427, Philadelphia, PA 19102-8427
  • 844-528-0184




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