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BOFA Move Money

  • Users can deposit money or pay a request at online portal
  • Customer service is available to assist those with questions

There are few things more frustrating than waiting around and wondering when a friend is going to pay up on a debt.  Hopefully quite a few friendships can be saved through use of the BOFA Move Money portal.  Bank of America customers no longer have an excuse to leave their friends high and dry thanks to this convenient system that allows for the sending and receiving of money online.  After receiving notice of a payment from a Bank of America customer users will need confirm to whether they want to deposit money in a Bank of America account, in a partner bank account, or in another bank account.

Ways to Deposit Cash Received with the BOFA Move Money Portal

  • Bank of America – Bank of America customers will need to proceed by logging into their accounts with an Online ID and password (Online ID can be saved for future use)
  • Partner Banks – Users will be directed to login to bank that has partner with Bank of America (Capital One, Chase, Frost, First Bank, US Bank, Wells Fargo)
  • Other Banks – Users who do not have an account with Bank of America or one of its partner banks will need to use clearXchange to proceed with the deposit

Those who are wondering what in the world clearXchange is can click the link posted at the BOFA Move Money portal to find out more (link directs users to the clearXchange website).  Customers who have questions regarding the process can reach out to Bank of America online banking support for assistance.

Bank of America Online Banking Support

  • 800-933-6262
  • 800-604-9961 (support by text)
  • PO Box 25118, Tampa, FL 33622-5118


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