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Blazin Rewards 

  • Customers can register to earn points on restaurant purchases
  • Registered members can access their account with an email address

With around the clock sports and great food, a place like Buffalo Wild Wings attracts many customers who would refer to themselves as “regulars”.  It is time for these repeat customers to be rewarded for their loyalty through the Blazin Rewards program now being offered by the restaurant.  To register customers will need to go to the Blazin Rewards page and complete a brief online form that requires an email address, name, password, date of birth, zip code, and phone number.  Customers who have already registered for the program can gain access to their accounts by entering the email address they registered with and a password.  Once signed up for Blazin Rewards customers will be able to start piling up reward points for purchases made at a participating locations.

What do I stand to gain from the points earned through the Blazin Rewards program?

  • For 350 points members can score a either 20 ounce fountain drink, a can of Red Bull Energy Drink, or a delicious lemonade
  • Program members who have amassed 500 points can choose from a serving of chips and salsa, a cup of ice cream, or any kids meal
  • Blazin Rewards members who have stock-piled a whopping 750 points can pick from items like mini corn dogs, mozzarella sticks, fried pickles, or a bottle of their favorite sauce
  • To earn the delicious wings that made B-Dubs famous members will need 1,500 points for a small order, 2,000 points for a medium order, and 2,500 points for a large order

“Use it or lose it” is a fitting expression for Blazin Rewards members as points earned through the program will expire after 6 months of account inactivity (inactivity meaning no point-earning purchases within a consecutive 6 month period at a participating Buffalo Wild Wings location).  For program related questions or request members should email the Blazin Rewards customer support team.

Blazin Rewards Customer Support Email




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