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BioLife Plasma Easy Scheduler

  • Schedule an appointment online by logging into account with a User ID and password
  • New users can create and account with by using an email address and creating a password

Donors that are looking to get a plasma donation scheduled can now do so online by logging into the BioLife Plasma Easy Scheduler with a username and password.  Forgetful donors who cannot remember their passwords will likely take comfort knowing that it can be retrieved by entering a User ID and requesting reset instructions be sent to the email address on file.  New donors can start the registration process  for the BioLife Plasma Easy Scheduler by entering a User ID (the User ID must be a valid email address) and creating a password.

Some Useful Information to Consider When Donating with BioLife Plasma
  • Donors will be compensated for their plasma donation in the form of a BioLife Visa Prepaid Card
  • After every donation the payable funds are automatically loaded onto the prepaid card, giving donors secure and convenient access to their cash
  • Appointment reminders with time and location can be sent to donors via text message 1 or 2 days prior to the donation appointment
  • Donors should make sure they get their recommended daily requirements of both iron and protein to meet the acceptable range for plasma donation
  • The night before and the day of the donation donors are encouraged to drink down plenty of water or juice
  • Donors will want to avoid eating too much high-fat food as this will give the plasma a milky appearance  (plasma with this appearance will not be accepted)

Donors with questions concerning the BioLife Plasma Easy Scheduler can submit a contact form with their question.  The form will need to include a first name, last name, email address, phone number, city, state, zip code, center/location, and status (former, potential, or existing donor).



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