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Award HQ

  • Users can login to claim rewards online with a username and password
  • Support is available to those who are having problems with account access

Most employees would be quick to say they appreciate being recognized for an accomplishment.  When the recognition comes with an award attached the end result is often a happy and deeply engaged employee.  This is exactly why many companies are turning to recognition programs that reward accomplishments with unique gifts.  Employees who wish to cash-in on a reward through the Award HQ page will need to begin the redemption process by entering a username and password into the blank login fields.  Once the required information has been entered employees will need to hit the Login button to continue.

What if I don’t have or cannot find my Award HQ login credentials?

  • Employees who have lost their usernames can enter their email address and the last four digits of their account number to begin the retrieval process
  • Those who have forgotten their passwords can initiate the retrieval process by entering their username and clicking the Forgot Your Password? link
  • Users who do not yet have a username will need to register for an account by entering an account number (once an account number has been entered users will be taken to the registration page)

Employees who have failed to regain their account with the username and password retrieval steps can contact Award HQ by phone for further assistance with the new login process. Prior to making the call users should note that assistance can be provided between the hours of 7 AM and 7 PM Central time Monday through Friday.  Users should note that the username and password retrieval links can be found at the Award HQ page underneath the login fields.

Award HQ Login Assistance Line

  • 1-877-292-7347



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