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AT&T Help You Switch

  • An Activation Date will be needed to begin
  • Status of redemption can be checked online

Whether or not to switch cell phone carries isn’t always the easiest decision. It appears AT&T is hoping that an incentive of up to $650 will make that decision a bit easier for consumers who are on the fence about going to a new carrier.  Right now cell phone users who switch to AT&T can receive up to $650 of credit per line to help take the edge off the transition process.  To get started with the credit redemption process, customers will need to go to the AT&T Help You Switch page and enter the date of which they became an AT&T customer (Activation Date).  Once the Activation Date has been entered the Continue button can be clicked to move forward with the redemption process.

Anything I need to accomplish in order to qualify for the $650 credit?

  • Customers will first need to purchase a new smartphone and activate a new line of qualified postpaid service from AT&T (number must be ported from previous carrier)
  • After the purchase the old phone must be traded in either online or at an AT&T retail store (customers will receive an in-store credit or promo card for the trade-n value)
  • Within 60 days of switching the phone number customers must complete the registration form and upload or mail the final bill showing the termination/cancellation fees

Once all eligibility requirements have been met (including keeping the new account in good standing for 45 days) the AT&T Promotion Card will be mailed (around 4-6 weeks after satisfying requirements).  Those who have already submitted the information needed for the reward can get updates by clicking the Check Status button posted at the bottom of the AT&T Help You Switch page.

AT&T Headquarters

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