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AT&T Copy Contacts

  • Customers can get instructions on contact transfer process
  • A phone brand and mode will need to be selected to begin

Getting a new phone is usually a fairly positive experience for most consumers.  However, those who end up experiencing issues with saving their contacts may come to regret the decision all together.  AT&T is doing its part to make sure customers have no regrets (when it comes to the purchase of a new phone anyways) with its easy online contact copy and transfer process.  Customers who have recently switched phones can get instructions on the process by going to the AT&T Copy Contacts page and selecting the brand and model of their previous phone.  Once the previous phone has been located the brand and model of the newly purchased phone will need to be specified.  After both phones have been identified easy to understand instructions on how to copy and transfer contacts will appear at the bottom of the AT&T Copy Contacts page.

For Those Looking to Step Into a New Phone with AT&T

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 – Arguably the hottest phone on the market can be picked up for $694.99 or $23.17 a month and comes in the colors of black onyx and gold platinum
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 – A reliable smart phone that can be purchased at the reasonable price of $6.97 a month (requires 0% APR 30-month installment agreement)
  • Apple iPhone 7 – Comes equipped with a brand new camera system and the brightest and most colorful iPhone display yet ($649.99 or $21.67 a month)
  • Apple iPhone SE – Those who want to downsize will love this powerful 4 inch phone that features advanced camera capabilities and incredible processing power

Prior to receiving the contact copy and transfer instructions users will need to select the method they prefer to use to complete the process.  To select the method users will need to click either the SIM Card box or Store/Manual box located at the bottom of the AT&T Copy Contacts page.

AT&T Headquarters

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