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  • Email address can be entered to start search
  • Information on a variety of topics is available

An assistance program to someone going through a financial rough patch can be like a vine to someone struggling to get out of quicksand.  To many this figurative vine comes in the form of FindFamilyResources.Info (Assist Everyone page).  This benefit and assistance program information hub can help individuals in need by providing resources on local programs.  To get started on the search for help, users will need to go to the Assist Everyone page and enter an email address before hitting the Start Now! button (users that hit the Start Now! button give consent to receive a variety of emails from FindFamilyResources.Info).

Information that be Gleaned Through Use of the Assist Everyone Page

  • A variety of information regarding help with unemployment such as short term assistance, job training programs, and career counseling
  • The Assist Everyone page can located guides and articles that may help individuals learn about assistance available for safe housing
  • Low income families and individuals in need can learn more about the many public and private organizations that offer assistance
  • The Assist Everyone page can lead users to available resources on hardship assistance and counseling as well as aid to cover basic human needs

Users should make note that is not affiliated with, authorized by, or endorsed by any of the featured organizations.  Those who wish to find out more about what benefits and assistance programs may be available can follow the link to the official government website posted at the Assist Everyone page.



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