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ARI Partner Connect

  • ID and password are needed to login to portal
  • Online enrollment and registration are available
  • Technical support is available by toll-free phone

When it comes to ease of use, not all online portals are created equal.  One that stands out from the pack in terms of user-friendliness is the ARI Partner Connect portal.  The portal provides its users with just about all the support that could be asked for featuring 2 different languages (English and French), password recovery assistance,  new partner enrollment, an extensive FAQ list, and even a quick start guide video (about ten minutes in length a definitely worth a watch).  Those who have already enrolled with ARI and have completed the online portal registration process can login by entering an ID along with an account password (the portal even has a convenient feature that allows a box to be checked to have login credentials saved for expedited access in the future).  Those who have yet to sign up to be a partner can begin by completing the supplier enrollment request form posted at the ARI Partner Connect portal.

A Look Into the History of ARI

  • Dates way back to 1924 when Holdman Automotive signed a contract with Ford Motor Company
  • ARI was officially formed in 1948 as a division specializing in the leasing and renting of vehicles
  • As the 1980’s came around ARI went from just leasing to providing fleet management services
  • The turn of the century (2000’s) brought green initiatives and enhanced fuel efficiency measures
  • For 2017 ARI is currently ranked as #38 on the Fortune 100 list of “Best Companies to Work For”

Those who have recently enrolled but have yet to register for the ARI Partner Connect portal can begin by entering the ID issued by ARI, a Social Security Number or Employer ID Number, and password (must be created).  Portal users with questions can try looking for the answers they need by clicking the Help link to review the available FAQs (not a bad idea to try finding an answer BEFORE spending any time on the phone).  Those who don’t find what they need in the FAQs can try reaching out to an ARI call center technician at 866-274-1025 (United States) or 800-363-7676 (Canada).

ARI Global Headquarters

  • 4001 Leadenhall Road, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054




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