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  • Customers can apply by completing brief online application
  • Introductory 0% APR is available on purchases and balance transfers

Any company that offers a card which allows customers to earn 1% cash back on purchases, 2% cash back at grocery stores (plus now at wholesale clubs as well), and 3% cash back on gas better have an easy way to review all of the applications that are sure to come flooding in. Customers who have received the BankAmericard Cash Rewards Visa Signature Card for the California Society of Certified Public Accounts offer can submit an application in a just matter of minutes through the Apply Online Now page.  Applicants will receive a thumbs up or thumbs down in as little as 60 seconds once the online application has been completed.

Things to be Aware of for Those Who Want to Apply Online Now

  • The cash back awarded from use of the BankAmericard Cash Rewards Visa Signature Card can only be earned on the first $2,500 worth of combined grocery and gas purchases each quarter
  • Cardholders who also happen to have a Bank of America checking or savings account can receive an additional 10% customer bonus when they redeem their cash back directly into either account
  • It may not be wise to delay on the initial use of the card as cardholders who make at least $500 in purchases within the first 90 days will receive a $100 cash rewards bonus
  • Cardholders who apply online now will receive an introductory APR of 0% for the first 12 billings cycles (introductory APR of 0% will also apply to balance transfers made within the first 60 days)

Applicants who  want to move forward with a balance transfer can do so by checking the appropriate box during the application process.  Those who would like to add an additional cardholder can request for the addition while applying (check the box under the balance transfer box) at the Apply Online Now page.

Bank of American Customer Service

  • 1-800-432-1000


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