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Apply Select 

  • Applicants can begin application process online
  • Support phone number available for questions

One of the ways a company can go wrong is by offering a messy and convoluted application process.  It doesn’t look like Select Staffing has made this mistake judging by the ease of which an application can be started at the Apply Select page.  To begin the process, applicants will first need to select the language they desire to use when completing the application (options of English and Spanish are available).  Once the preferred language is chosen, the first page of the online application can be completed by entering a first name, middle initial, last name, phone number, home state, and email address.  After all of the information has been entered at the Apply Select page the Next button must be clicked to push ahead with the online application process.

Attention Temporary Job Seekers

  • After applying applicants can reach out to a local recruiter to be matched with positions that may not yet be in the system
  • Once an application has been submitted applicants should expect to be interviewed by a Select Staffing Personnel Supervisor
  • Assignments placed by Select Staffing could range anywhere from 1 day to 6 months and possibility even longer than that
  • Select Staffing offers holiday pay, referral bonuses, and 401K retirement (certain qualifications must be met to be eligible)
  • Those who have not yet been interviewed can try contacting the branch to which they originally applied to set an appointment

Returning users who have already submitted an application through the Apply Select page can login to Select Staffing by entering a username and password (Facebook and LinkedIn logins are also available).  Those who have forgotten a password can enter their email address to have a new password sent.  Applicants with questions for Select Staffing can try reaching out to the company directly by phone.

Select Staffing Phone

  • 844-864-0634



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