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Amazon Roku Music 

  • Roku device can be registered using 5 character code
  • Amazon account login is needed to complete registration

What’s the point of having a vast and compelling music library if it can’t be accessed at the drop of a hat?  Those who have their Amazon Music libraries stock piled with their favorite tunes should be pleased to know they can now be listened to on their Roku player.  To get started users will need to go to the Amazon Roku Music page and click the Begin Registration button.  After clicking the button users will be directed to their Amazon account login page where they will need to enter an email address (or phone number for mobile accounts) and password to login and begin the  registration process.

Anything else I may be interested in regarding the Amazon Music on Roku?

  • Amazon music is supported on all current model Roku players (Roku 3, Streaming Stick, and various Roku 2 models) but is not compatible with the Roku classic models
  • After registering the Roku for Amazon Music users will be able to browse by playlists, artists, albums, songs, and genres or search their library for a specific artist, album, or song
  • Those who experience a pause in their music may want to check their internet for shared connections as multiple devices may slow down the connection speed
  • Amazon customers will not be able to see any Prime Music items as they are not supported on Roku devices at this time (the rest of the playlist will play normally)

After logging in through the Amazon Roku music page users will need to enter the 5 character code shown on their Roku player.  Those who have had enough of the service can unregister their account by logging into Amazon and clicking the Unregister button next to the name of their Roku player.

Amazon Customer Service

  • 888-280-4331


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