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Amazon My TV

  • Users will need to login to Amazon to register device
  • Amazon Video content can be streamed after registration

There is a wide variety of streaming services to choose from these days but one would be hard pressed to find a streaming service better than Amazon Video.  To activate Amazon Video service on a device or TV, users will need to go to the Amazon My TV page and login with their Amazon account login credentials.  After signing in users will be asked to enter a 5 or 6 character registration code that can be found in the Amazon Video app on the TV or device.  Once the registration code has been located, it can be entered into the field provided at the Amazon My TV page to proceed with the TV or device registration process (Continue button will need to be tapped after code is entered).

Amazon Video Content to Watch After Registration is Complete

  • Man in the High Castle – A terrifying look at what the world would be like if the Allied Powers had lost World War II giving Germany and Japan rule of the United States
  • Goliath – Actor Billy Bob Thorton plays the role of a washed up alcoholic lawyer who uncovers a dangerous conspiracy when going after the biggest client of his former law firm
  • Rome – View Julius Caesar era Rome through the eyes Roman soldiers Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus played by actors Ray Stevenson and Kevin McKidd
  • Justified – Follow United States Marshall Raylan Givens as he takes on the seemingly impossible task of cleaning up his hometown of Harlan, Kentucky

Once users have entered the registration code (after signing in through the Amazon My TV page) they will need to manage their payment settings.  Customers who have questions about Amazon Video or any other Amazon related topic can contact Amazon customer service by dialing 1-888-280-4331.



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