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Allstate Collision Deductible Waiver Settlement

  • Print a claim form (and other settlement details) in regards to the Webb v. Allstate Insurance Company
  • This case is pending in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of San Diego and is number 37-2013-00077708

Class members in the Webb v. Allstate Insurance Company lawsuit claim that they were denied reimbursement or waiver of their collision deductible after being in an auto accident with someone who did not have car insurance.  Allstate has denied any actions of wrong doing but have agreed to pay 100% of the unpaid collision deductible plus $35 in lieu of interest to those claim members who file valid/timely claims by 03/31/2016.  Anyone who was insured by Allstate and were denied reimbursement or waiver of their collision deductible anytime between Nov. 27, 2009 and Dec. 29, 2015 should file a claim as soon as possible in the Allstate Collision Deductible Waiver Settlement.

Case highlights

  • The head plaintiff in the case is listed as Mona K. Webb
  • When filing a claim form class members are required to provide the Allstate policy number, claim number and date of loss
  • A settlement fairness hearing will take place on 04/29/2016 to determine if the settlement terms are fair and reasonable
  • Please do not contact Allstate with any question about the lawsuit
  • Please directed all questions to the Allstate Collision Deductible Class Action Lawsuit administrator at 1-877-271-1494
  • Isam C. Khoury, Diana M. Khoury, and Jeff Graci will represent all class members who file valid claims in case number 37-2013-00077708
  • Richard L. Fenton and Bonnie Lau will represent Allstate

Where should class members mail the claim form to?  Allstate Collision Deductible Waiver Class Action Settlement, c/o Class Administrator, P.O. Box 4234, Portland, OR 97208-4234.  Those who would like to attend the fairness hearing should show up at 330 West Broadway, San Diego, California 92101 at 8:30 am (although in order to get a good seat please show up 30 minutes ahead of time).

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