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Activate the Card GSK

  • Coupon activation process can be completed online
  • ID number and RxGroup number will be needed

With the emergence of the internet, coupons have gone from being simple pieces of paper to high-tech electronic vouchers that often need to be activated before use.  Those who are interested in receiving coupons from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) will need to go through a brief online activation process prior to being able to reap the benefits.  To get started with the activation process, users will need to go to the Activate the Card GSK page and fill out a brief online form to confirm program eligibility.  Users should be prepared to have their 8 digit RxGroup number and 9 or 10 digit ID number ready as these will be needed to complete the eligibility requirements.  Time should not be an issue as the questions presented at the Activate the Card GSK page should take no more than 3 minutes to answer.

Becoming a Little More Familiar with GlaxoSmithKline

  • GSK was the first pharmaceutical company to register for the AllTrials campaign that promotes research transparency
  • The company has 11,000 people working in research and development for new medicines, vaccines, and healthcare products
  • In their 2015 R&D event GSK profiled around 40 new potential medicines and vaccines coming up in their pipeline
  • GSK employs around 101,000 people in over 150 countries with more than a third of being in emerging markets

Users should be aware before that the program is only available to residents of the United States (including United States territories) where specified. Those who are enrolled in a government program and/or eligible for Medicare are not eligible for coupons that can be activated through the Activate the Card GSK page.  In the event of a change of insurance users may no longer be eligible to use the coupons.


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