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Activate NBC Sports

  • Activation code will be needed to begin
  • Account must be verified at provider site
  • Frequently Asked Questions list available

Live sports is something that people crave on demand access to.  Those who need instant access to a sporting event being broadcasted on NBC can have their craving met thanks to the streaming content available at NBC Sports Live.  To begin the device activation process, users must go to the Activate NBC Sports page and select the type of streaming device they are using (Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Samsung TV, Windows 10, Xbox One).  Once a device has been chosen a provider must be selected through use of a very extensive drop-down list. After the provider has been located an activation code can be entered to continue forward to the provider website to verify the account.  It should be noted that account verification is handled by the provider only (NBC Sports does not access usernames, passwords, email addresses, or any other information about provider accounts).

Helpful Information Regarding NBC Sports Live

  • To watch any video on NBC Sports Live the latest version of Adobe Flash (v10 and above) must be installed
  • Users can use the service to access live streams of each and every NBC Sporting event shown on NBC & NBCSN
  • Supported web browsers include Firefox 3.6, Safari 5, Chrome 16, and Internet Explorer (32 or 64 bit) and up
  • Those who want a bigger picture can click the Full Screen button located on the lower right corner of the control bar

Users who have questions that have gone unanswered can review a full Frequently Asked Questions list by clicking the Help link posted to the bottom of the Activate NBC Sports page (Privacy Policy and Terms of Use links also available).  Those who have questions that require direct contact with NBC can trying reaching out to the NBC Universal office in New York.

NBC Universal

  • 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112
  • 212-664-4444





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