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Abt ROI Plus to the rescure!

Need to get your hands on some records?  It’s not as hard as it used to be (thank goodness for that!).

For instance, if you’re a provider all you need is an account number, username, and password.

Once you have all that good stuff, zip on over to

Next, enter the information in the corresponding fields to login and go to the provider page (enter it at the RIGHT hand side of the page).

Meanwhile, regular users can submit a request by logging in with an account number and PIN.

By the way, regular requesters can login at the LEFT hand side of the page (remember, providers RIGHT regular requesters LEFT).

Either way, once you’re logged in, requesting the records you need should be an absolute BREEZE.

Things that are much harder than requesting records at

  • A sunny stroll in the park (hey ya gotta use a lot of energy to move them legs!).
  • Eating a blueberry muffin (sometimes that flour can be hard to digest)
  • Taking a nap (there’s a lot of the distraction around the house these days)
  • Sending a text message (sometimes you just don’t know how to reply)
  • Drinking a glass of water (the ice may cause brain freeze every now and then)

As you can see, there are MANY things in life that are quite a bit more difficult than making a request for records using the ABT ROI Plus portal.  That said, go ahead and send your request with a smile across you face (because we all know there’s a lot annoying of things you could be doing instead).

Questions about your request?  Take a look at that fulfillment notice you received.  It should contain contact information for support.  Additionally, the invoice should also contain support contact information (you’ll get it by fax once you submit your request).



Heavy in debt?  There’s a chance you received notice to visit ERC BPO Help.

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