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ABG Access to Benefit Plans

  • Users can gain access to their retirement and benefits accounts through online portal
  • Account recovery assistance is available to users who have forgotten their login credentials

Members of the workforce who hope to one day realize their retirement dreams deserve easy access to their Health Saving Accounts (HSA).  Those who have their retirement and benefits plans managed by Alerus can gain the access they deserve through the ABG Access page.  To access an account users will first need to verify their role (employer or employee) by clicking on the appropriate link.  Once the selection is made users will be directed away from the ABG Access page in order to complete the login by entering their Username and password.

Food for Thought on Health Savings Accounts

  • After retirement the average couple will incur over $200,000 in medical expenses (not cover by Medicare) which can be saved for in a tax-free manner with a HSA
  • Investors who doubt they will need all of their savings for medical expenses can rest easy knowing that the leftovers can be used on non-medical expenses (these will be taxed just like a 401k)
  • Both 401k and HSA contributions are made tax-free but only a HSA allows investors to withdraw the funds without being taxed (as long as the fund are used for eligible health-related expenses)
  • Despite the obvious benefits many use all of their pre-tax savings to pay for same year medical expenses and do not save for long-term medical needs

Users who are having problems entering their account (due to forgotten or misplaced login credentials) through the ABG Access page can begin the Username and password recovery process by clicking the links provided at login.  Those in need of further assistance can contact Alerus customer service by phone or email.

Alerus Customer Service Contact Information

  • 507-379-2818
  • 877-661-4727 (Toll Free)



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