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AARP Activation

  • AARP Members can sign up for account access by completing online registration form
  • Members who have already signed up can login with an email address and password

When an organization offers as many benefits as AARP does it only makes sense for its members to have online access to their accounts.  Members who desire the easy path to information that only online account access can offer will need to go to the AARP Activation page and enter their Member ID to begin registration.  Those who have already registered for online account access can login by entering their email address and password. AARP members who have forgotten their passwords can begin the recovery process by entering their email address and completing the security challenge (link to the password recovery process is provided under the login fields on the AARP Activation page).

Exclusive Savings for AARP Members

  • AT&T – Members of AARP can now save a nice chunk of change by receiving 10% off the monthly service charge on qualified wireless plans
  • Outback Steakhouse – AARP members can dine with ease knowing they will be saving 10% on their check each day
  • Amazon – Members who love a good read every now and then will enjoy 10% savings on select print and audiobooks each month
  • The Gift Card Shop – Savings on greeting cards can be realized by AARP members who purchase a gift card

It should be noted that online registration through the AARP Activation page is not required for members to access their benefits or use their cards.  Members who are in need of assistance can contact AARP by phone, through email, or through regular mail (phone availability is limited to Monday through Friday between 7 AM and 11 PM Eastern Time).

AARP Contact Information

  • Phone – 888-OUR-AARP (888-OUR-AARP)
  • Email –
  • Mailing Address – 601 E Street NW, Washington DC, 20049



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