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  • Offer recipients can complete application process
  • Those who did not receive an offer can pre-qualify

A pre-approved credit offer can give applicants the confidence of knowing the application process likely will not end with a dreaded REJECTION message.  Applicants who have received a pre-approved credit offer from Credit One Bank can begin the application process by going to the 8b3nv1 page and entering the approval code that came with the offer and Social Security Number.  Those who weren’t fortunate enough to receive a pre-approved offer from Credit One Bank can still pre-qualify by completing an online form that requires a name, address, email address, phone number, total monthly income, date of birth, and Social Security Number.  Once all of the required information has been entered the See Card Offers button can be clicked to move forward.

Anything else I should know about Credit One and its credit cards?

  • Credit One applicants who have been approved and issued a card can receive 1% cash back when used on eligible purchases
  • Customers will be able to pick and choose from more than 20 card designs to find the one that best compliments their style
  • Cardholders with fair or poor credit can begin rebuilding their credit as Credit One reports monthly to the major credit bureaus
  • With the Credit One NASCAR Visa customers can earn 1% cash back on eligible purchases and double cash back at NASCAR online

Those who have already submitted an application at the 8b3nv1 page can check status by entering a last name and Social Security Number.  Applicants who want to see how much cash back Credit One Bank has paid out to its cardholders can view the rolling total found at the bottom of the application status page (total amount of cash back paid out currently exceeds a jaw-dropping $29 million).  Cardholders who wish to receive information regarding their account can call the Credit One automated account information line.

Credit One Bank Automated Account Information Line

  • 877-825-3242


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