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Ordering the 89 Pure Sleep Offer

  • Offer includes a free additional PureSleep product
  • Product can be tested for 30 days before purchase

Dipping a pinkie toe into the water before taking the full on plunge is usually a good idea.  Those who have been considering the anti-snoring product PureSleep can do just that thanks to the current internet offer that allows the product to be tested for 30 days prior to making the purchase.  To take advantage of this low risk opportunity customers will need to head over to the 89 PureSleep page and click the Try Now button.  Prior to completing the ordering process a brief online questionnaire that contains a variety of health related questions must be completed.  Before beginning the questionnaire through the 89 PureSleep page, customers should make note that the PureSleep is an FDA cleared prescription device and therefore requires customers to be 18 years of age or older to purchase or use the product.

What else should I be aware of regarding PureSleep?

  • The product works through mandibular repositioning (a technique that holds the lower jaw forward and opens the airway to address cause of snoring)
  • PureSleep has a remarkable record of safe and effective use and has been used by thousands of snorers without a single FDA reportable adverse event
  • Prior to using PureSleep it will be necessary to immerse the device in boiling water before removing it to cool and mold it to the shape of the mouth
  • It is normal for customers to feel soreness and fatigue in the jaw, teeth, and gum areas at first use (severe or ongoing pain is not a normal side effect)

When customers order now through the 89 PureSleep page they will receive an additional device for FREE.  Those who are not satisfied after the 30 day trial can simply return the product (however, $9.95 must be paid up front for shipping and handling).  Customers who have questions regarding use the device can try reaching out to the PureSleep Helpline.

PureSleep Helpline

  • 866-879-3777


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