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76 Gift Cards

  • Gift cards owners can enter card number to check balance
  • Card balance inquires and purchases can be made by phone

Nobody wants to feel the shame and embarrassment that often follows a declined card (especially not when standing in a check out line full of nosy onlookers).  Luckily owners of gift cards from a 76 gas station should never have to endure the previously described scenario thanks to a simple online balance check process.  The only thing required to verify the amount of funds left on a 76 gift card is the entering of the 19 digit card number located on the back of the card (cardholders may also need to exert a little energy when tapping the Submit button).  Those who are having problems locating the card number can refer to the sample images located under the card number entry field.

Stuff to Keep in Mind Regarding 76 Gift Cards

  • All cards can be used at the pump as well as inside the store for all authorized convenience items and automotive products and services
  • The amount of a purchase is automatically deducted from the 76 Gift Card balance until all of the available funds have been used up
  • 76 Gift Cards come in 4 different denominations ($25 value, $50 value, $100 value, and $250 value) and can be purchased online or over the phone
  • Card balances can also be confirmed by checking a sales receipt or calling the number listed on the back of the card

Cardholders should be aware that gift cards with a low balance may not function at certain pumps or stations.  Those who have non-functioning cards due to a low balance can call 1-800-786-8028 to receive a full refund for the remaining amount of funds left on the card. Customers who have further inquires can send an email to

Order 76 Gift Cards by Phone

  • 1-800-786-8028 (Monday  through Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM Central Standard Time)


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