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401k Fidelity Login

  • Investors can view information regarding their retirement plans
  • First time users can enroll for a 401k plan online

“A penny saved is a penny earned” is an old idiom used to underline the importance of putting money away.  Individuals that take the saying to heart will surely want to take a gander at the information found at Fidelity’s 401k site.  Through this unique investment information hub, investors can brush up on issues pertaining to 401k plans such as how to get started, managing investments, and planning for retirement.  Those who have done their due diligence and come to the conclusion that they do not want to work indefinitely can start the Fidelity 401k plan enrollment process by entering their name, date of birth, and the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number.   Users that have already registered with Fidelity will not need to register again as they can use their 401k Fidelity login information to access their new account.

Might be a silly question but……what’s a 401k?

  • A 401k is a retirement plan offered to employees through their place of work
  • Many employees will have the opportunity to earn “free money” through their 401k plans as most companies offer a matching contribution
  • Matching contributions mean that a company will contribute the same amount as the employee up to a certain percentage of the employee’s salary
  • 401k plans can be tax deferred meaning that investors will not be taxed on their earnings until the time the funds are withdrawn

Users that have gotten started with a 401k plan after enrolling online or registering with their previously established 401k Fidelity login information can refer back to the company’s 401k plan website at anytime for further information.  Investors that require in person assistance can reach out to Fidelity directly for help.

Fidelity 401k Contact

  • 1- 800-347-2673




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