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  • Approval Code that came with offer is needed
  • Those who did not receive offer can pre-qualify
  • Online application status check process available

One incentive of singing up for a credit card offer received through the mail is that the pesky pre-qualification process is often already taken care of.  Those who have received a mail offer from Credit One Bank (and have decided to move forward with an application) can do so by going to the 3t1wlz page and entering the Approval Code that came on the piece of mail.  In addition to the Approval Code, a Social Security Number will need to be entered before clicking the Continue button to begin the online application process.  Those who DID NOT receive an offer with an Approval Code can still apply for the Credit One Bank credit card but will first need to go through the pre-qualification process.

Benefits of Being a Credit One Platinum Visa Card Member

  • Card members can stay on top of their credit worthiness by taking advantage of the FREE credit score tracker each month
  • Credit One Platinum Visa card members will always be in-the-know thanks to account alerts sent by email or text message
  • Cardholders will receive the benefit of putting money back in the pocket as all will receive 1% cash back on eligible purchases
  • Credit One Platinum Visa card members will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having zero fraud liability protection

To begin the pre-qualification process a brief form requiring a name, mailing address (confirm if the same as home street address), email address, phone number, monthly income, date of birth, and Social Security Number will need to be completed.  Those who are wondering what in the world is going on with an application can check its status by clicking the link posted to the bottom of the 3t1wlz page.  After clicking the link a last name and Social Security Number must be entered to get a status update.

Credit One Application Information Line

  • 800-752-5493



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