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1 Hertz Survey

  • Information from a receipt will be needed
  • Survey is available in a variety of languages
  • Hertz customer service is available by phone

Sometimes the easiest way a customer can share a few thoughts on an experience is through the use of an online survey.  Those who have recently done business with Hertz may have been asked to provide a little friendly feedback at the 1 Hertz Survey page.  The process of taking the online survey can be initiated by entering a 9 digit Rental Record Number and 5 to 7 digit access code into the blanks field posted in the middle of the page.  It should be pointed out that the Rental Record Number can be found at the top of a Hertz receipt while the access code can be found at the bottom (unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a sample image of a receipt available for reference at this time).  Those who prefer to opine using a language other than the one displayed on-screen can do so by using the drop down box posted at the top right hand side of the 1 Hertz Survey page.

A Look at the Companies & Divisions of Hertz

  • Car Sales – Cars are sold after being selected from the fleet and undergoing proper inspections
  • Claim Management – Provides services for exposures in automobile and general liability claims
  • Entertainment Services – Services catering to film, television, and live event industries – ACTION!
  • Truck & Van – Provides customers with the extra room needed to assist in moving and delivery
  • Donlen Corproation – A subsidiary providing global fleet leasing and management solutions

After the Rental Record Number and access code have been entered the Next button can be clicked to proceed to the question and answer portion of the survey (aka the fun part!).  Those with questions about the  process may want to try reviewing the available FAQs by clicking the Survey Support link posted at the bottom of the 1 Hertz Survey page (when it doubt take a peak at the FAQs!).  Questions about a past rental bill can be addressed by calling Hertz customer support between the hours of 7 AM and 7 PM Central Standard time Monday through Friday.

Hertz Customer Support

  • 800-654-4173




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