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What Are Some Of The Top Paralegal Firms In Toronto?

The Paralegal field is expanding rapidly in the county of Canada.  Here are a few of the more desirable places in the city of Toronto to obtain a job in the paralegal field.

  1. Stikeman Elliott
  2. LCB Paralegal Services
  3. Spectrum Paralegal

Strikeman is based in Toronto and has the desire to become the top Canadian business law firm, both domestically and internationally.  Strikeman looks to hire both students and associate paralegals and has locations in Calgary, New York, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal.  In 2015 the firm was named one of Canada’s most diversified and greenest employers.

Stikeman Elliott LLP | 5300 Commerce Court West | 199 Bay Street Toronto, ON  M5L 1B9 | Phone: (416) 869-5500 | Toll-Free: (877) 973-5500 | Fax: (416) 947-0866

LCB Paralegal Services has been based in the greater Toronto area since 2008 and has quickly became one of the go to spots for aspiring paralegals.  The firm is always in search of “new talent and experienced paralegals”.  Resumes can be sent to

LCB Paralegal Services 2300 Yonge Street | Suite 1600 | Toronto, Ontario  M4P 1E4 | Phone: (416) 479-0912 | Fax: (416) 479-0913

Spectrum Paralegal are not hiring at this time but paralegals are encouraged to check their Paralegal career page weekly as this is ont of the better Paralegal firms in the city of Toronto to work for.

Please read a day in the life of a Paralegal (Paralegal Job Description) if you are on the fence on whether or not a paralegal career is right for you.


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