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Teaching Strategies Gold Login and Objectives Guide



In order to login to a Teaching Strategies Gold account you’ll first need an active username. Please note that if you do not have a username you’ll need to contact your administrator to proceed.

Meanwhile, those who have already received a username can proceed without further account set up. In order to do so follow the steps listed below.


Teaching Strategies Gold Login: How to Enter Your Account

  1. Select a language (English and Spanish are available)
  2. Enter your account username and password
  3. Select Login to gain access to your Teaching Strategies Gold account

teaching strategies gold login

By the way, you can recover a username and/or password in the event you lost or forgot either piece of information. In order to recover a forgotten password enter your username name and follow the instructions. Meanwhile, users can recover a lost username by entering the email address associated with the account.


My Teaching Strategies Gold Login Links


Customer Portal

Once logged in you can review your schedule for daily preparations. Additionally, the portal offers quick links to learning tools such as the library, documentation status, plans, and courses. If you run into any issues please see the support section located at the right side of the screen.


Teaching Strategies Gold Objectives Review

My Teaching Strategies is based on a variety of educational objectives that help illustrate the progress a student makes towards their stated goals.

The Teaching Strategies Gold objectives are segmented by the age of the student with stated goals for each range. For example, common goals and objectives include topics such as Emotional and Behavioral Self Regulation, Cognitive Self-Regulation, Initiative and Curiosity, Communication and Speaking, and Mathematics.

Each of the objectives come with guidelines to measure a students progress. These guidelines include specific measurable goals for each category. For a complete review of the Teaching Strategies Gold objectives please review the below PDF.


Teaching Strategies Gold Objectives PDF

  • Review the complete PDF including a break down of each category and objective here.


About Teaching Strategies

Over the past 10 years Teaching Strategies has been instrumental in providing learning and development to more than 15 million students. Since 2018 the program has been offered in close to 300,000 class rooms and is now offered by over 60% of the largest school districts.

In addition to it’s giant community footprint, Teaching Strategies also partners with some of the most recognized names in education. These partners include Hatch, Barefoot Books, Schoology, Highlights, and Kodo.

For general inquiries about Teaching Strategies call 800-637-3652. Meanwhile, product support is available by calling 866-736-5913 between the hours of 7 AM and 9 PM EST.


Teaching Strategies Headquarters Mailing Address

  • 4500 East West Highway, Suite 300
    Bethesda, MD 20814


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