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Workday Schnucks Account Login

  • The account requires a username and password for access
  • You can use online login credential recovery tools for help
  • A list of Frequently Asked questions is available
  • You can call support for assistance

If you need to get into your Workday Schnucks employee account, there’s a few things you should know.  First, you’ll need a username and password to gain access.  If you have this information handy, simply enter it into the login fields before clicking the Sign In button to enter your account.  However, sometimes it’s just not that simple.  In the event you become locked out of your account here’s what to do:

Locked out of your Workday Schnucks account?

  • You can reset your password using email, a voice call, or by text message
  • In order to unlock your account, you’ll first need to enter your username
  • Text or voice options require you to first configure your cell number
  • Click the Back to Sign In link to return to the account login page
  • You can use the same information to begin resetting your password

In addition to online login credential recovery, the portal offers you the ability to save time logging in for future use.  How you ask?  Simply check the Remember Me box when signing in to have your information saved for the next time (this is almost a MUST if you plan on dropping by often!).

Finally, if you’re having problems getting into your account, you may want to try going through the FAQs.  In order to do so, click the Help link that appears under the account recovery options.  Once you click the link, a new page will appear with the FAQ section.  If the FAQs fail, you can always try calling 314-994-4425 for further assistance.

Schnucks Home Office

  • 11420 Lackland Rd, St. Louis, MO 63146


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www.GFPricingClassSettlement.com – File Claim Form Online

GF Pricing Call Settlement:  Key Facts

  • Am I eligible? – You must have made a purchase at certain Gap stores
  • What else?  Purchases must have been between May 24th, 2010 and May 10th, 2019
  • What can I get?  – Up to $12 in coupons depending on how much you spent
  • Do I need to prove my purchase? If you want to maximum benefits
  • When can I file? Now!  Filing ends January 6th, 2020
  • Is the settlement approved?  Not yet.  There’s a fairness hearing on October 11th, 2019
  • What if I want out of the settlement?  File an exclusion request!

Nobody likes feeling like they’ve been misled by a price tag.  One way this could happen is by something called a reference price.  For example, a lawsuit called Andrews et al. v. The Gap, Inc. et al. has recently come to a pending settlement which should resolve allegations that the Defendant used false reference pries when selling it’s products.  If you’re eligible, go to the online filing page and click the Submit a Claim tab to file online.

A Closer Look at the GF Pricing Class Settlement

  • If you purchased less than $90 in products you can get $6 in coupons
  • Meanwhile, purchases of more than $90 are eligible for $12 in coupons
  • Please note that you DO NOT need proof of purchases less than $90
  • However, you’ll need proof if you want the maximum of $12 in coupons
  • The last day to submit a request for exclusion is September 23rd, 2019

While on the topic of exclusions, it is important to point out that you must send your request directly to the administrator (if you plan on opting out).  Please note that your request must be post-marked no later than the above exclusion deadline.

GF Pricing Class Settlement Administrator

  • PO Box 60247, 1500 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Suite 31
  • Philadelphia, PA 19102.
  • Info@GFPricingClassSettlement.com

Another way to get some quick answers about the settlement is to review the FAQs.  You can find these located at the settlement filing page and within your notice.


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www.EquifaxBreachSettlement.com – Claim Credit Monitoring

How to Claim Your Equifax Breach Settlement

  • Claiming the settlement online is the easiest way to go
  • The settlement is also accepting claim forms by mail
  • You can contact the administrator with questions
  • There’s also a set of Frequently Asked Questions

When a data breach affects as many consumers as did the Equifax Breach, the resulting lawsuit settlement is sure to be HUGE.  Like, $380,500,000 huge.  If you’re one of the many impacted by the breach, you can claim your settlement online.  In order to do so, simply navigate to the filing page and click the File a Claim Today tab.  Once you’ve click the tab, select the online filing option to proceed with your claim.

Important Information on the Equifax Breach Settlement

  • The settlement provides free credit monitoring service to those impacted
  • If you already have credit monitoring you can claim a payment of $125.oo
  • The deadline to file for credit monitoring or $125.00 is January 22nd, 2020
  • The settlement provides at least 7 years of free identity restoration service
  • Some may be eligible for up to an additional $20,000 in compensation

In order to be eligible for the additional $20,000 you must have suffered out of pocket losses, spent time correcting fraudulent activity, or spent money on credit monitoring service the year before the breach.  Please note January 22nd, 2020 is also the filing deadline for these claims.  However, if your claiming future losses you’ll have until January 22nd, 2024 to do so.

More to Keep in Mind About the Equifax Breach Settlement

  • If you plan on opting out you’ll need to do so by November 19th, 2o19
  • The amount of folks impacted by the breach is approximately 147 MILLION
  • You’ll need to certify you have credit monitoring service to get the $125.00
  • The settlement’s Fairness Hearing will be on December 19th, 2019

By the way, you can also file your claim through the mail.  In order to do so, you must print out a claim form and send it directly to the Settlement Administrator (after filling it out, of course).  In addition to taking claims, the Settlement Administrator can also help with any questions you may have about the settlement.  However, you may be able to save yourself a phone call by looking through the FAQs posted at the filing page and within your notice.

Equifax Breach Settlement Administrator

  • PO Box 91318, Seattle, WA 98111-9418
  • 833-759-2982


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www.renewgolf.com – Renew Golf Magazine Subscription

Renew Golf Magazine Subscription Online

  • You’ll need to login to start the renewal process
  • The systems provides 3 different login options
  • Frequently Asked Questions are available
  • Customer service can also help with questions
It’s time to renew!

We all know that golf can be frustration sometimes (or MOST of the time for some of us!).  However, that doesn’t mean renewing Golf Magazine has to be.  For example, you can now easily renew your subscription online after logging into your online account.  In order to do so just type in your name, address, and country.  Once you’ve enter your information go ahead and click the Login Now button to proceed.

More About Your Golf Magazine Subscription

  • Prevent interruptions of delivery by knowing your subscription’s expiration date
  • The expiration date of your subscription is located on the label above your name
  • Keep in mind that your subscription payments may take up to 2 weeks to process
  • You can also receive access to a Golf Magazine digital edition (online version)
  • Cancellation can be done anytime by contacting Golf Magazine customer service

In addition to logging with your name and address, there are 2 alternative login methods you can use to renew your subscription. The first of which only requires that you enter your email address and zip code (this may be the easiest overall).  Meanwhile, the last login method requires that you enter your last name and account number (this may be the most tedious because who knows their account number off the top of their head??).

By the way, you can learn more about your subscription by clicking the Frequently Asked Questions link posted at the left hand side of the renewal page.  Additionally, you can also contact customer service toll-free for further assistance.

Questions about how to renew Golf Magazine?

  • PO Box 3200, Harlan, IA 51593-0046
  • 800-876-7726

Ready to begin your renewal?  – www.renewgolf.com

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www.GingerAleSettlement.com – Begin Your Online Claim Form

Ginger Ale Settlement:  Things to Be Aware Of

  • Am I eligible? – Purchases must have been between 4/01/13 and 06/13/19
  • What can I get?  – $0.80 per product up to a total of $10.40 per household
  • Do I need proof of the purchase?  It depends on the amount you claim
  • When is filing open? Now through the September 5th, 2019 deadline
  • Is the settlement green-lit?  It’s pending the hearing October 3rd, 2019 hearing
  • What if I don’t like the settlement?  Ask to be excluded by September 5th, 2019

Consumers tend to expect receiving what they pay for.  When they suspect otherwise, one of the many possible results is a class action lawsuit.  For example, the case called Fitzhenry-Russell, et al. v. The Coca-Cola Company was filed over allegations that the Defendant’s “Made With Real Ginger” product labeling is misleading.  If you believe you’re included in the settlement you may file online or by mail.


More on the Ginger Ale Settlement

  • If you have proof of your purchases you can claim up to $80 per household
  • September 5th, 2019 is also the deadline for Class Member objections
  • Those who don’t take action will receive nothing from this settlement
  • Overall value of the settlement fund is $2,450,000 (not too shabby)
  • The court has not decided in favor of either party

By the way, products included in this settlement are Seagram’s Ginger Ale Products, including Seagram’s Ginger Ale, Seagram’s Diet Ginger Ale, Seagram’s Raspberry Ginger Ale, and Seagram’s Diet Raspberry Ginger Ale.  Therefore, you’re eligible as long you purchased one or more of these drinks between the dates listed above.

Questions about the Ginger Ale Settlement?

  • Pick up the phone and dial toll-free to 844-979-7303.
  • Email your questions to gingeralesettlement@rg2claims.com
  • Administrator Address:  PO Box 59479, Philadelphia, PA  19102

I addition to taking questions about the settlement, the administrator is also responsible for gathering mailed claim forms and exclusion requests.  Please make sure any mail correspondence of this nature is post-marked by the September 5th, 2019 deadline.

Start Your Claim!www.GingerAleSettlement.com

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