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RR Gift Card Claims

  • Learn more about the settlement involving Red Robins failure to redeem gift cards for cash when the customers remaining balance was less than $10
  • This settlement is for people live in the state if California only

Who qualifies as a class member in the RR Gift Card claims lawsuit?  “Any consumer in California who has possessed or currently possesses a Red Robin International, Inc. gift card with a balance of less than $10.00, which was purchased on or after November 6, 2010, through June 5, 2015” – rrgiftcardclaims.com

Customers who file timely claims should receive a coupon for one free menu item valued up to $9.99 (no additional purchase is required to this is pretty much a $10 freebie coupon).  The coupon can be used at any Red Robin in the state of California and class members must file a claim before July 1st, 2016 in order to qualify.

RR Gift Card Claims Footnotes

  • All class members who would like to exclude themselves from the settlement have until July 1, 2015 to do so
  • A fairness hearing will be held on July 15, 2015, at 8:30 a.m to decide if Red Robin is providing enough in the settlement
  • The hearing will take place at Superior Court for the County of Riverside, 4050 Main Street, Riverside, CA
  • The honorable Sharon J. Waters will reside over the hearing
  • RR Gift Card Claims class members are not required to attend the hearing in order to receive the $10 Red Robin settlement coupon

All class members who elect to stay in the lawsuit will be represented by Fineman Poliner LLP who are based at 155 N. Riverview Dr., Anaheim Hills, CA 92808-1225.  Class members who would like to see the entire lawsuit case will have to visit the Clerk of the Court for the Riverside County Superior Court during normal business hours.

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Inc. is a Colorado based franchises casual-dining restaurant and has more than 27,000 full-time employees.  The Red Robins corporate office is based at 6312 South Fiddler’s Green Circle, Suite 200N, Greenwood Village, CO 80111 and can be reached by phone by calling 303-846-6000 (do not contact the corporate office with questions about the lawsuit).

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www.giftcardmall.com/mygift check balance – Visa Gift Cards GoWallet

Gift Card Mall My Gift Check Balance

  • Consumers can check their gift card balance online associated with a GoWallet account
  • Gift card holders who have not registered will have to do so before a balance can be checked

The Gift Card Mall gift check balance is FREE to use and customers can also obtain the mobile app on Mobile on the iPhone or Android.  In order to register a Visa gift card the customer will need their gift card number along with the expiration date associated with the card (this date can be found on the front or back on most Visa gift cards issued by GoWallet).  Once the card has been registered Visa Gift Card customers will have access to the GoWallet service which will allow them to get balances easier, replace lost or stolen cards, and enable online spending.  GoWallet is partnered with some of the biggest retailers in the world such as the Bass Pro Shop, Applebee’s, The Home Depot and PF Chang’s.

Gift Card Mall My Gift Highlights

  •  GoWallet is operated by Blackhawk Network
  • By registering card holders will also consent to receive offers and discounts on gift cards via email
  • The cards can be utilized anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted in the United States
  • Gift cards can be used to make purchases over the phone but customers will need to provide their “billing address”
  • The gift card funds will NEVER expire
  • Gift Card Mall holders will never be charged an additional fee once the card has been activated
  • The card cannot be reloaded and should be tossed in the trash can once it has been used in full

Upon logging into the customers My Visa Gift Card account on giftcardmall.com/mygift they will be asked to transition the Visa Gift Card information to GoWallet… do not be afraid… this is an extremely simple process and should take less than one minute to complete.

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www.shopoilandgas.com – Profit BIG With Low Oil Prices

Shop Oil And Gas

  • The Shop Oil and Gas guide provides the opportunity to invest in oil royalty payments
  • Oil royalty payments can be as high as almost 30%, much higher than other traditional investment methods

Investing in already built drilling is substantially cheaper than investing in brand new drilling and Shop Oil and Gas searches for the best oil investment programs, and purposely seeks out the ones paying the highest interest. Shop Oil and Gas gives users the opportunity for an investment that will produce a monthly income for 20 to 30 years, plus help keep hard-earned savings safe. By filling out the form on this page, potential investors can receive a free oil investment kit.

Potential investors will choose the level they’re interested in, $50,000, $75,000, $100,000, or $150,000 and more, and must certify that they are an accredited investor to receive the free information package.  Before investing please present the Shop Oil and Gas investment promotion to a professional financial advisor for advice.

More About Oil Investments

Investments in oil returns are not tied to the stock market, so there’s no worrying about the constant up and down cycle, and they are considered 100% tax-deductible, meaning there’s even more potential money to be made by having less of a tax liability. Purchasing existing production is immensely cheaper than new drilling, so the initial investment is often much less than people think.

Over a 5 year period, treasury notes are projected to have a 1.6% interest rate, corporate bonds a 1.6% interest rate, and CDs a 2.3% interest rate. But oil royalty payments can product a return of almost 30% over the lifetime of the investment.

As oil prices fall, production costs fall along with it, meaning an investment return stays the same. But when oil prices rise, the monthly royalty checks rise along with it, so there’s never been a better time to invest in oil. Existing production oil will often start paying returns within 30 to 60 days of the first investment, so there’s no waiting for months or even years for a return.

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www.njtaxliensettlements.com – New Jersey Tax Lien Class Lawsuit

New Jersey Tax Lien Settlements

  • Learn more details about a $9.5 million settlement related to a price-fixing scheme to raise the interest rates of tax sale certificates in the state of New Jersey
  • The case is entitled In Re New Jersey Tax Sales Certificates Antitrust Litigation and the deadline to submit a claim form is June 17, 2016

Class members in the New Jersey Tax Lien Settlements state that 20 companies and various individuals broke various antitrust laws by entering into an agreement (or understanding) to divide the available tax sale certificates among the different companies.

The Defendants named in the lawsuit are as follows:

William A. Collins
Isadore H. May
Richard J. Pisciotta, Jr.
Norman T. Remick
Robert E. Rothman
Robert W. Stein
Lambros Xethalis
Michael Mastellone
Royal Bancshares of Pennsylvania, Inc.
Royal Bank America
Crusader Servicing Corporation
Royal Tax Lien Services, LLC
M.D. Sass Investors Services, Inc.
M.D. Sass Tax Lien Management, LLC
M.D. Sass Municipal Finance Partners – I, L.P.
M.D. Sass Municipal Finance Partners – II, L.P.
M.D. Sass Municipal Finance Partners – III, LLC
M.D. Sass Municipal Finance Partners – IV, LLC
M.D. Sass Municipal Finance Partners – V, LLC
M.D. Sass Municipal Finance Partners –VI, LLC
Vinaya K. Jessani
Stephen E. Hruby
David Butler
David M. Farber
CCTS Tax Liens I, LLC
CCTS Tax Liens II, LLC
Pro Capital LLC
Pro Capital Fund I, LLC
Burlington Assembly of God, Inc. d/b/a Fountain of Life Center
Mercer S.M.E. Inc.
Susan M. Esposito
David B. Boudwin
BBX Capital Corporation f/k/a BankAtlantic Bancorp, Inc.
Fidelity Tax, LLC
Heartwood 55, LLC
Michael Deluca
Gary I. Branse
David Jelley
Phoenix Funding, Inc.
Benedict Caiola
BBX Capital Corporation f/k/a BankAtlantic Bancorp, Inc.
Fidelity Tax, LLC
Heartwood 55, LLC
Michael Deluca
Gary I. Branse
David Jelley
CCTS Capital LLC n/k/a Crestar Capital, LLC
William S. Green
Richard Simon Trustee
Betty Simon Trustee, LLC
Joseph Wolfson
Pat Caraballese
PAM Investors
Robert U. Del Vecchio Sr.
Robert U. Del Vecchio PensionTrust
Plymouth Park Tax Services, LLC
American Tax Funding, LLC
Mooring Tax Asset Group, LLC

When filing a claim class members are required to prove they own the property associated with the TSC.  The case is pending in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey and is listed as case number 3:12-CV-01893-MAS-TJB.

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www.allstatecollisiondeductiblewaiversettlement.com – Allstate Collision Deductible Class Action Lawsuit

Allstate Collision Deductible Waiver Settlement

  • Print a claim form (and other settlement details) in regards to the Webb v. Allstate Insurance Company
  • This case is pending in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of San Diego and is number 37-2013-00077708

Class members in the Webb v. Allstate Insurance Company lawsuit claim that they were denied reimbursement or waiver of their collision deductible after being in an auto accident with someone who did not have car insurance.  Allstate has denied any actions of wrong doing but have agreed to pay 100% of the unpaid collision deductible plus $35 in lieu of interest to those claim members who file valid/timely claims by 03/31/2016.  Anyone who was insured by Allstate and were denied reimbursement or waiver of their collision deductible anytime between Nov. 27, 2009 and Dec. 29, 2015 should file a claim as soon as possible in the Allstate Collision Deductible Waiver Settlement.

Case highlights

  • The head plaintiff in the case is listed as Mona K. Webb
  • When filing a claim form class members are required to provide the Allstate policy number, claim number and date of loss
  • A settlement fairness hearing will take place on 04/29/2016 to determine if the settlement terms are fair and reasonable
  • Please do not contact Allstate with any question about the lawsuit
  • Please directed all questions to the Allstate Collision Deductible Class Action Lawsuit administrator at 1-877-271-1494
  • Isam C. Khoury, Diana M. Khoury, and Jeff Graci will represent all class members who file valid claims in case number 37-2013-00077708
  • Richard L. Fenton and Bonnie Lau will represent Allstate

Where should class members mail the claim form to?  Allstate Collision Deductible Waiver Class Action Settlement, c/o Class Administrator, P.O. Box 4234, Portland, OR 97208-4234.  Those who would like to attend the fairness hearing should show up at 330 West Broadway, San Diego, California 92101 at 8:30 am (although in order to get a good seat please show up 30 minutes ahead of time).

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