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Costco Employee Login – Enter Costco ESS Account

Costco Employee Login Self Service (Costco ESS)





What if I’m new at Costco?

New employees must create an account in order to gain access.


Existing employee?

You can enter Costco ESS with a username and password.


Forgot your login information?

The Costco Employee login system offers username and password recovery is available.


How do I login?

Use the field at the top of the login page to begin.


Caught up in a mid-workday fog and confused about how to log into your Costco ESS account? Or maybe you’re a new employee who’s dipping his toes for the first time. Either way, here you’ll find all the information you need to gain access to your Self Service account. Simply follow the next steps to complete your Costco employee login.


Costco Employee Login – Step by Step Guide


  1. First decide whether or not you’re a current or former employee (hopefully this the easiest step)
  2. Use the box at the top of the page to enter your username and account password
  3. Once you’ve entered both pieces of information click the Sign In button to enter
  4. Work Day Tip: Always make sure you keep your login information in a safe a secure place!


And just like that you’ve gained access to your Costco ESS account. By the way, if you can’t complete the Costco Employee login due to a forgotten username or password just link the Trouble logging in? link. Next confirm whether your a current employee, a former employee, or a vendor to complete the reset process.



Helpful Advice: Always made sure you’ve entered your information correctly before proceeding with the reset process.  



In addition to allowing current employees to login, Costco ESS also allows new employees to register for an account. This is a required step for new hires in order to gain access to the Self Service feature. Here’s how.




costco employee login costco ess




Costco ESS – How To Register For a New Account


Begin by clicking the Register Here link located at the top of the login section. Once the new page appears enter your country and employee ID. Next you can either enter your date of birth or the location of your warehouse to complete complete registration and use your Costco employee login information.

Please note that you can take advantage of the ? icons located on the registration form if you’re not sure where to find the required information. Just click the icon for access and circle back to finish your registration.



More Helpful Information About Costco ESS


Benefits Access – You can use your Costco Employee login to pull up your benefits information.


Looking for a new job? – Costco ESS provides access to new job opportunities at Costco.


Payroll – Easily review your recent pay information along with historic payroll data (please be advised this does not include your work schedule information)


Costco Today – Add your two cents worth at or


Questions about your Costco Employee Benefits? – See below for the helpline phone number.



Costco Benefits Department Phone Number

  • 800-284-4882


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