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Filing Your Claim for the Donation Call Settlement

  • The settlement site allows you to file a claim electronically
  • You an also print a claim form and file through the mail
  • The Claims Administrator can help with questions


Yet another class action lawsuit involving alleged TCPA violations is on the cusp of a settlement (see the SBA TCPA Settlement for an example of a similar case).  The “Donation Call Settlement” comes from allegations that the Defendant placed certain calls to consumer cell phones without first getting permission to do so.  In order to make a claim, you can visit the settlement site and click the Submit Claim tab to file online.  However, you can also print the form if you’d rather fill it out and send it in by mail (seems kinda laborious but whatever floats your boat!).

Donation Call Settlement Key Facts

  • You can file a claim for either a $25.00 cash award or a $75.00 settlement certificate
  • The last day to file a claim is August 15th, 2019 (try not to wait until the last minute!)
  • Meanwhile, if you want out, the last day to request an exclusion is July 16th, 2019
  • The Final Approval Hearing is scheduled for October 21st, 2019 at 1:30 PM PST

It’s important to point out that exclusion requests must be sent directly to the Claim Administrator.  When requesting an exclusion you must make sure your correspondence is postmarked no later than the July 16th deadline.

In addition to taking exclusion requests, the Claims Administrator also takes the mailed claim forms.  If you file by mail please have the correspondence post marked by the August 15th, deadline.

Finally, the Claims Administrator can also help with questions about the settlement.  You can make contact by phone by dialing 888-223-4039.  Additionally, you may also contact the Claims Administrator by email or regular mail.

Donation Call Settlement Claims Administrator

  • 50 Corporate Park, Irvine, CA 92606
  • donationcallsettlement@cptgroup.com

File Online

Another Recent TCPA Settlement

www.SBATCPAsettlement.com – Claim Your $5 Settlement Check

How to Get Your Check from the SBA TCPA Settlement

  • You’ll need to file before the September 19th, 2019 deadline
  • If you exclude yourself you will not receive a payment
  • This is only for those who meet certain requirements

Fresh off the Awl Lawsuit settlement, another case involving TCPA violations appears to be wrapping up.  The SBA TCPA Settlement comes from claims that the Defendant sent text messages about purchasing cars to wireless numbers without the permission of the cell phone owners.  If you received such a text from the Susan B. Anthony List, Inc. on or around July 13th, 2018 you may be eligible for payment.  In order to file a claim online, please visit the online settlement site and click the File Claim tab.

An extra $5 never hurts!

SBA TCPA Settlement:  Fast Facts

  • If you’re an eligible Class Member and submit a timely claim you’ll get $5
  • The $5 payment comes in the form of a check (so don’t expect a $5 bill!)
  • The Defendant denies all allegations of wrongdoing, liability, and damages
  • Both parties have agreed to the settlement and avoid the costs of a trial

By the way, if you don’t like the $5 payment, you can exclude yourself from the settlement by sending a request to the Settlement Administrator.  By doing so, you will retain the right to file your own lawsuit.  However, please note you WILL NOT be eligible to receive your $5 check from this settlement if you exclude yourself.  Additionally, you must request exclusion no later than June 19th, 2019 (your request must be postmarked by this date).

In addition to filing a claim online, you can also file by mail.  When filing this way, please be sure to send your completed claim form to the Settlement Administrator by the September 19th, 2019 deadline (again the mail must be postmarked by this date).   While most questions can be answered within the FAQs found online and within the notice, you can also contact the Settlement Administrator directly for help.

SBA TCPA Settlement Administrator

  • PO Box 404134
  • Louisville, KY 40233-4134
  • 888-683-1099


Another Recent Settlement

www.GCBEProducts.com – File Claim Up to $30 Per Product

Filing a Claim for the GCBE Products Settlement

  • You can file a claim online or send a claim form by mail
  • The settlement only accepts claims until the deadline
  • Filing is available with or without proof of purchase(s)

We all know the feeling of getting less than desired results from a product.  When such an event occurs, you can usually chalk it up to buyers remorse and move on with your life.  However, when consumers feel like a company has misled them about how effective a product is, things can have a way of bubbling to the surface.  For example, the recent GCBE Products Settlement is the end result of allegations that Naturex, Inc. misrepresented how effective its Svetol product was.  If you believe you may be eligible for a chunk of the settlement please visit the online filing page and click the File a Claim tab.

Just in case you were wondering what Green Coffee Beans looked like.

But how do I know if I am part of the settlement??

  • You must have purchased Svetol or ANY green coffee bean product containing Svetol
  • Purchases must have been made between February 2nd, 2012 and May 17th, 2019
  • You can file a claim regardless of whether you have a receipt (proof of purchase)
  • If you have proof you can file for all purchases that you can provide proof of
  • If you DO NOT have proof you may only file for up to 2 purchases

While on the topic of filing a claim, please be advised that you only have until August 30th, 2019 to do so.  Additionally, August 30th is also the deadline for exclusion requests and objections to the settlement.  Meanwhile, the settlement’s fairness hearing is set to take place on October 7th, 2019.

In addition to filing online, you can also send a claim by mail.  In order to do so, go ahead and fill out your claim form and send it directly to the Settlement Administrator.  The Settlement Administrator is also the place to contact with questions about this settlement.

GCBE Products Settlement Administrator

  • 1718 Peachtree St. #1080, Atlanta, GA 30309
  • contact@GCBEProducts.com
  • 888-663-5378


More time on your hands? Check out to AWL Lawsuit.


www.awllawsuit.com – File Claim for Telemarketing Settlement

Awl Lawsuit Settlement:  How to Claim Payment

  • Class Members can visit the filing website to submit a claim
  • The settlement is also accepting claim forms through the mail
  • A variety of important deadlines apply to the settlement
Guys like these can become tiring.

Let’s start by stating the obvious:  nobody enjoys receiving unsolicited telemarketing phone calls (except maybe the occasional glutton for punishment).  However, there are likely of plenty who wouldn’t mind cashing in on lawsuit directed at such an act.  The case called Karpilovsky v. All Web Leads, Inc. was filed over allegations that the Defendant violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by placing calls to unconsenting consumers using an automatic dialing system.  Those who believe they are eligible for a share of the settlement can begin by going to the online filing page and clicking the Online Claim Form link.

Things to Remember About the Awl Lawsuit Settlement

  • July 9th, 2019 is the last day for Class Members to submit their claims
  • Objections and requests for exclusion are also due by July 9th, 2019
  • The total amount of the settlement fund is $6,500,000 (pretty steep!)
  • Class Members who do not take action by the deadlines get nothing

Once at the online claim form, the Class Member must enter a Claim ID and phone number to proceed with filing.  Meanwhile, those who are using a cell phone can click the appropriate link to view the mobile friendly version of the form.  Additionally, Class Members can review images of where the Claim ID is located on both the postcard and email notices.

Class Members who would rather file by mail can send a claim form to the Settlement Administrator.  It is important to point out that mailed claim forms must be postmarked no later than the July 9th, 2019 filing deadline.  In addition to taking claims, the Settlement Administrator can also help Class Members with questions about the settlement.

Awl Lawsuit Settlement Administrator

  • PO Box 481 Baton Rouge, LA 70821-0481
  • claims@AWLLawsuit.com
  • 833-752-5100

Filing Pagewww.awllawsuit.com

More Settlement Dollars – Check Out the Utz Settlement



www.crtsettlement.atg.wa.gov – Claim $20 Per Monitor & $6 Per TV

CRT Settlement (ATG WA GOV):  Fact Gathering

  • How much is the settlement?  $39 million
  • How much can I get?  $6 per TV and $20 per monitor
  • Claim limitations?  Depends on number of claims received
  • Where does the money come from?  7 related settlements
  • Who’s affected?  WA consumers who purchased a CRT TV or monitor
  • Filing deadline?  May 16th, 2019

A truly massive litigation known as State of Washington v. LG Electronics, Inc., et al. has just entered settlement phase (likely to the delight of many).  The settlement resolves allegations that a group of Defendants conspired to fix the prices of CRTs placed in both TVs and computer monitors.  In order to begin a claim, Class Members can go the filing page and click the Online Claim Form tab (filer will be redirected to the online filing site).

By the way, CRT is short for cathode-ray tube.

More Info on the CRT Settlement

  • Impacts Washington (the state) residents who purchased a CRT TV or monitor
  • Residents must have made the purchase(s) between 03-01-1995 and 11-25-2007
  • The purchase(s) cannot be directly from the CRT manufacturer (such as a retailer)
  • Defendants include Chunghwa, Hitachi, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Toshiba, and Philips
  • The settlement is even larger than the Raymours TCPA Settlement

While on the topic of Defendants, Samsung is BY FAR the biggest contributer to the settlement providing $29,000,000 of the $39,000,000 fund.  Meanwhile, Chunghwa provides the lowest amount of only $125,000.  In fact, the only other Defendant paying more than $5,000,000 is Philips with a $7,000,000 contribution (the rest are somewhere in between).

CRT Settlement:  Helpful Advice

  • Class Members can also file by sending a completed claim form in the mail
  • The settlement notice has a an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section
  • Class Members who don’t file a claim will get NOTHING from the settlement
  • The Claims Administrator can help answer questions about the settlement
  • As always don’t wait until the last day to file (missing a deadline is never fun)

By the way, Class Members who decide to file by mail must send the claim form directly to the Claims Administrator at PO Box 173069, Milwaukee, WI 53217.  Meanwhile, those with questions about the settlement can contact the administrator by phone at 800-332-9084 or by email at info@wacrtsettlement.com (when in doubt ask a questions or two!).

File Online Here:  www.crtsettlement.atg.wa.gov

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