www.hhpayment.com – Make a Payment Online to H&H Agency

HH Payment

  • A PIN is required to begin the payment process
  • New users can sign up for online account access
  • Customer support is available by phone or by chat

When the time comes to settle up on an account, the last thing a customer wants is some outdated (and more likely than not overrated) pay by phone system that rudely disconnects when the right button isn’t pushed on time.  Fortunately, those who need to make a payment to H&H Agency, Inc. can avoid such an excruciating way of paying a bill.   H&H Agency customers who are need to submit a payment can now take advantage of the quick and easy online payment process found at the HH Payment page.  Upon arrival at the portal, it will first be necessary to enter a policy number along with a PIN prior to hitting the Log In button to proceed with the payment.  Those who have already registered for an account can gain online access by signing in with a username and password.  In the event a username and/or password has been lost or forgotten an email address can be entered to have the information sent.

An Overhead View of the H&H Agency

  • H&H is a general agent that focuses exclusively on nonstandard automobile policies
  • Is intended for California drivers who are in need of affordable automobile insurance
  • Services such as electronic payments and automated support are being implemented
  • H&H Agency provides a wide array of automobile insurance coverage sold by agents

Customers who have yet to register for an online account can do so by clicking the Create an Account link to complete an online form with a name, policy number, zip code, email address, and password.  Upon completion of the registration form an email will be sent with a link that can be clicked to activate the account.  It;s worth noting that prior to submitting the online form a box can be checked to sign up to receive insurance documents online instead of through the mail (might as well go green as much as possible!).  Those with questions about the HH payment system can click the Need help? link to communicate with a live representative via chat.  Customers who don’t feel up to typing can instead speak with a representative over the phone by dialing the toll-free customer service number.

H&H Agency Payment Customer Service

  • 800-949-3274





www.myalliedpolicy.com – Account Login Allied Insurance Policy

My Allied Policy

  • Username and password are needed to gain access
  • Online login credential recovery assistance is available
  • New users can register for online account access

As with most things nowadays, online access to an auto insurance policy has become something most customers couldn’t do without (or at the very least wouldn’t WANT to do without).  Allied car insurance customers can now get this much appreciated online access through use of the My Allied Policy portal.  Upon arrival at the portal the account access process can be initiated by entering a username and password into the login fields before clicking the Go button to gain entry.  Those who are having trouble getting past the part of entering the login credentials can click the Forgot username or password? link to begin the account recovery process (customers who can’t recall a username will need to enter an account type and email address while those who can’t recall a password must enter an email address and username).  New customers who require access to the My Allied Policy portal can begin the process of creating an account by clicking the Sign Up for Account Access link.

Flexible Ways to Pay an Allied Insurance Account

  • Automatic – It doesn’t get any easier than having the payment automatically deducted
  • Online – Online payments can be made using a debit or credit card or bank information
  • Mobile Application – Same as the online payments but with the on the go convenience
  • Phone – Over the phone payments can be made by dialing 800-282-1446 (hit option 2)
  • Mail – Simply pop a check or money order in the envelope that came with the statement
  • In Person – Drop in on a local agent (it’s good to get out and socialize every so often)

After clicking the My Allied Policy portal account registration link an account number must be entered to proceed with the creation process.  Those who aren’t sure where to find the account number (or even what on earth an account number is) can click the Where can I find this? link to bring up sample images of where the number can be found on a payment notification or identification card.  Those seeking general information regarding Allied Insurance can try contracting the company’s home office in Des Moines, IA.

Allied Insurance Home Office Contact Information

  • 1100 Locust St., Des Moines, IA 50391-1100
  • 800-532-1436


www.individualaccountmanager.com – Plan Login

Individual Account Manager

  • Username and password required to login
  • New members can register for an account
  • Password and username recovery available

A healthy set of pearly whites is something most individuals place a great deal of value upon. Those who have dental plans that utilize the Individual Account Manager portal for account access may end up placing just as much value on the ease of which they can access their important information.  Plan members who need to gain access to an account can complete the login process in just a few seconds by going online and a entering username and password before clicking the Login button.  Those who have yet to register for Individual Account Manager access can take the first step towards opening an account by clicking the Need a Member Login? link and entering a first name, last name, date of birth, and Social Security Number.  Plan members who can’t access an account due to a lost or forgotten password or username can click the links located under the login fields for account recovery assistance.

Benefits of Being Registered for Individual Account Manager Access

  • The secure online tool is designed to give plan members 24 hours a day and 7 days a week access to important information regarding dental benefits
  • Individual Account Manager users can find a participating dentist, check benefits, review Explanation of Benefits, and print ID cards once logged in
  • The portal can be accessed in a variety of different languages by using the links posted in the Language Assistance Services section of the login page

Individual Account Manager users who need to retrieve a username can begin the process of doing so by clicking the Forgot Username? link and entering a first name, last name, date of birth, and Social Security Number.  Those who need to recover a password can begin the process by clicking the Forgot Password? link and entering an account username.



www.aarp.org/drivesafe66 – Sign Up for AARP Driver Course

AARP Drive Safe 66

  • Both members and non-members of AARP can register
  • Customer service is available to those who have questions

Every once in a while it’s nice to see an auto insurance premium go down instead of up. AARP members can now learn about safe automobile operation while possibly driving down their car insurance premium thanks to the AARP Smart Driver Course.  To sign up for the course members must go to the AARP Drive Safe 66 page and select their state of resident (price of the course will be listed next to the state).  Once the state is chosen members will need to select their course options and confirm their payment information.

Knowledge that can be Gleaned from the AARP Smart Driver Course 

  • AARP Members who successfully complete the course can learn important facts regarding the effects medication has on individuals who are operating a motor vehicle
  • Upon completion of the course students should come away with a new-found knowledge about the latest techniques used to reduce unnecessary driver distractions
  • Basic teachings are provided such as how to maintain proper distance while following a car and how to properly use the new technology found in modern automobiles
  • Members will learn about age-related physical changes that can have an effect on driving and what can be done to help counteract the effects

Visual learners who wish to get a better idea on what the course is all about can watch the brief video posted at the AARP Drive Safe 66 page.  Individuals who are not members can also sign up but will not receive the AARP member discount.  Those who have further questions regarding the AARP Smart Driver Course can reach out to AARP directly by phone, email, or regular mail.

AARP Smart Driver Course Customer Service

  • 1-800-350-7025
  • customerservice@aarpdriversafety.org
  • 5760 Fleet St Suite 210, Carlsbad, CA 92008



www.placemyclaim.com – File Repair or Replacement Claim

Place My Claim

  • Claims can be filed online using Contract Number
  • Customer service is available for those in need of assistance

Being stuck in a situation that calls for a home warranty claim to be filed can be a stressful position to be in.  Consumers who find themselves in this position should at the very least deserve a stress free filing process.  Those who have chosen to go with Cross Country Home Services for their warranty or plan should find the claim filing process incredibly easy.  To get started, customers will need to go to the Place My Claim page and enter a Contract Number and property zip code before hitting the Place Your Claim button.  Those who do not have their Contract Number can still gain access by entering the primary account holder’s last name, the house number, and the property zip code.

What else should I know before I place my claim?

  • Customers who have an item that is not cost-effective to repair will either receive a replacement item or a cash payment (the cash payment will be equal to or less than the approved cost of repair or replacement)
  • When deciding whether to repair or replace an item Cross Country Home Services may take into consideration the average life expectancy of the item (it may make more sense to replace those nearing the end of their span)
  • There is a standard service fee/deductible applied per trade per service call made for the covered portion of all claims (further details are explained in the warranty contract)

Customers who need to make a property address change or follow up on a previously filed claim should call the number provided on their fulfillment kit.  Those who prefer to communicate electronically can utilize the contact form available at the Place My Claim page.

Customer Service

  • 877-880-1634