www.activatethecard.com/gsk – Activate GSK Coupons

Activate the Card GSK

  • Coupon activation process can be completed online
  • ID number and RxGroup number will be needed

With the emergence of the internet, coupons have gone from being simple pieces of paper to high-tech electronic vouchers that often need to be activated before use.  Those who are interested in receiving coupons from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) will need to go through a brief online activation process prior to being able to reap the benefits.  To get started with the activation process, users will need to go to the Activate the Card GSK page and fill out a brief online form to confirm program eligibility.  Users should be prepared to have their 8 digit RxGroup number and 9 or 10 digit ID number ready as these will be needed to complete the eligibility requirements.  Time should not be an issue as the questions presented at the Activate the Card GSK page should take no more than 3 minutes to answer.

Becoming a Little More Familiar with GlaxoSmithKline

  • GSK was the first pharmaceutical company to register for the AllTrials campaign that promotes research transparency
  • The company has 11,000 people working in research and development for new medicines, vaccines, and healthcare products
  • In their 2015 R&D event GSK profiled around 40 new potential medicines and vaccines coming up in their pipeline
  • GSK employs around 101,000 people in over 150 countries with more than a third of being in emerging markets

Users should be aware before that the program is only available to residents of the United States (including United States territories) where specified. Those who are enrolled in a government program and/or eligible for Medicare are not eligible for coupons that can be activated through the Activate the Card GSK page.  In the event of a change of insurance users may no longer be eligible to use the coupons.


www.starthomedelivery.com – Prescription Refill Home Delivery

Start Home Delivery

  • Members can login to manage their benefits
  • New users will need to create an account
  • Customer service phone number is available

Convenience of doing business is becoming one of the most sought after characteristics in modern-day corporate america.  Express Scripts seems to have knocked it out of the park in this all important area thanks to its customer friendly prescription ordering process.  Those who have their prescription benefits managed by Express Scripts can now order medicine through the Start Home Delivery portal in a matter of minutes.  To get started using the online service, customers will need to set up an account by entering a name, date of birth, username, password, password hint, and email address.  Prior to completing the Start Home Delivery registration form users will need to provide their pharmacy benefit information (either Member ID Number or Social Security Number).  Once registered members we be able to easily order or refill their prescriptions from home or on the go.

A Little Bit of Information Regarding Express Scripts

  • The company is a prescription benefit plan provider that handles millions of prescriptions every year through home delivery and the Express Scripts Pharmacy
  • Members include those who have benefits through their employer, health plan, or Medicare Part D (plan members may receive a separate Express Scripts ID card)
  • Express Scripts members who have home delivery services covered by their plan can have up to a 90 day supply of prescriptions delivered right to their door step

Tricare beneficiaries will need to complete the Tricare mail order activation process instead of registering through the Start Home Delivery portal.  Those who have already registered for access to the portal can login with a username and password.  Customers who need further assistance can reach patient customer service by dialing the number shown on the back of their prescription ID card.

Express Scripts Customer Service

  • 800-282-2881


www.rxorderstatus.com – Check Status of Rx Order Online

Rx Order Status

  • An Order ID and email address are needed to check status
  • Customer service and order status phone numbers are available

It goes without saying that most people take the ordering process of medical prescriptions very seriously.  With something so important it only makes sense to have an easy and efficient way to check the status of a previously placed order.  It’s a good thing this can be accomplished without much effort through the Rx Order Status page.  Patients who wish to check on an order can do so in practically no time flat by going online and entering their Order ID along with an email address.  Once both of the required pieces of information have been entered the Check Status button will need to be clicked in order to get the Rx order status.

Sounds pretty straightforward…..anything else that I should know about checking my Rx order status?

  • Orders will need to be verified by making a phone call after the order has been placed (orders will arrive between 1 and 3 days after the phone verification)
  • Any order than can be checked through the Rx Order Status page comes from within the United States and from a United States licensed pharmacy
  • Orders placed using the United States Postal Service Express Mail option may be delivered on Saturdays (Priority Mail does not deliver on Saturdays)
  • Shipping costs come to $19.95 for Priority Mail and $39.95 for Express Mail (for all orders within the 48 contiguous United States)

Patients will receive email notification when it is time for their prescription to be reordered. The time for which a prescription is eligible for reorder varies depending on the product and quantity.  Those who wish to check their Rx order status by phone can dial 800-249-1207.

Customer Service 

  • 888-992-6879 (Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time)


www.pfizerrsvphcp.com – Enter Pfizer Meeting Code to RSVP


  • Invitees can register for program online
  • Meeting Code on invite will be needed

Anyone who has ever organized an event or meeting understands the importance of the registration process which allows the organizer to get a better idea of how many will be in attendance.  However, this process can sometimes do more harm than good if it requires invitees to go too far out of their way.  Pfizer has found an easy solution to this problem with the Pfizer Program Registration Site (Pfizer RSVP HCP page).  Those who have received an invite to attend a meeting can begin the simple online registration process by entering their Meeting Code into the blank field located at the Pfizer RSVP HCP page.  After the Meeting Code has been entered users will need to hit the Submit button to continue with the registration process.

A Few Notices Regarding Pfizer Program Registration

  • The events that can be registered for at the Pfizer RSVP HCP page are in accordance with the PhRMA Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals
  • Events are limited to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and appropriate non-HCP staff (only HCPs may attend the out of the office programs)
  • Guests or spouses aren’t appropriate for attendance of Pfizer speaker programs unless they are independently qualified as an attendee
  • Before registration attendees are asked to check with their Pfizer representative to make sure they meet the definition of a HCP

Pfizer is a bio-pharmaceutical company that was originally named Charles Pfizer & Company after being founded in 1849 by Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart.  Since then the company has grown to manufacture some of the world’s best known healthcare products including Advil, ChapStick, Centrum, and ThermaCare.  Those who have corporate-related questions for Pfizer can contact the company’s headquarters in New York, New York.

Pfizer Headquarters

  • 235 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017
  • 212-733-2323


www.aetna.com/docfind/custom/ahs – Adventist DocFind

Aetna DocFind Custom AHS

  • Adventist employees can search for plan information
  • Member Services line is available for those with questions

One of the biggest frustrations with health care is not knowing who to turn to if a health concern arises.  With a topic so important it stands to reason that employees should have an easy way to find a covered provider that can deal with whatever health issue they may have. Employees who work for Adventist should have no problems finding the provider they need thanks to the Aetna DocFind Custom AHS portal.  This easy to use online portal allows users to search for providers by name, location, and conditions & procedures (advanced search can also be completed for those who can’t find what they are looking for).  Plan members should note that Tier 1 will be the least expensive option to choose from.

A Brief Timeline of Aetna

  • The company was founded in 1853 in Hartford, CT with the name being inspired by Mt. Etna the 11,000 foot volcano in Sicily
  • In 1865 Aetna’s annual income went over the $1 million mark giving it the financial stability to meet the stringent requirements placed on life companies
  • With World War II breaking out in 1940 Aetna bonded the construction of seven U.S. Navy aircraft carriers (over 1,600 Aetna employees served during World War II)
  • In 2000 Aetna decided to sell off its financial services and international businesses to ING for a whopping $7.7 billion
  • In 2015 the company announced its social compact with employees to increase wages and offer better health care benefits with reduced out-of-pocket costs

Adventist employees should be pleased to know that plan covered lab services received at an AHS hospital will be covered at 100%.  Those who wish to view a list of locations where lab and x-ray services will be covered at 100% can click the link provided at the Aetna DocFind Custom AHS portal.  Members who have questions regarding their health plan can reach out to Aetna Medical Member Services.

Aetna Medical Member Services

  • 855-262-0788