www.memberbenefitsonline.com – Login Health Provider Claim Status

How to Access Member Benefits Online

  • Username and password can be used to login
  • First time users can register in 5 easy steps
  • Claims number is available for dental providers

When it comes to checking the status of a claim sometimes the easiest way to go about it is through use of an online portal.  Healthcare providers who need to review patient information such as claims and coverage can now do so online through use of the convenient Member Benefits Online portal found at www.memberbenefitsonline.com.  Upon arrival at the portal access can be initiated by entering a username and password into the login fields before clicking the Submit button to proceed into the system.  Users who have forgotten or misplaced a username or account password can begin the retrieval process by entering a Taxpayer Identification Number, first name, last name, and zip code.  Those who are having problems with the password recovery system can click the Customer Support link to fill out an online contact form with a name, message, email address, and phone number.

Steps For First Time Users of the Member Benefits Online Portal

  1. Users will first have to review and agree to the licensing agreement to begin
  2. Complete the Personal Information section by entering all required information
  3. Submit all of the Taxpayer Identification Numbers associated with registration
  4. Create a username and password that will be used to enter (seems reasonable)
  5. Review all of previously entered information and hit the Finish button to confirm

Once registration for the Member Benefits Online portal has been completed providers can begin to take advantage of convenient features such as searching for a patient and viewing claims.  The patient search can be completed by entering the patient’s first name, last name, and date of birth with all other fields being left blank.  The process of taking a look at a claim can be initiated by clicking the View Claim Status link (only claims within the portal that have been finalized are available for viewing).

The Member Benefits Online provider portal is run by BeneSys Administrators.  Providers in need assistance can try clicking the Instructions link to download a 6 page manual that includes helpful tips and step by step visual instructions.  It should be noted that providers within the Coastal Dental Network must call a toll-free number for claim status and pre-authorizations.

Claim Status Number for Coastal Dental Network Providers

  • 877-937-6462




www.upmc.mysecurebill.com – Start Quick Payment of UPMC Bill

Getting Started with UPMC My Secure Bill

  • Patients can pay their medical bills online
  • myEasyMatch code is needed to get started
  • Frequently Asked Questions are available

For some patients its hard to say what the worst part of paying a medical bill is, shelling out the money or the time-consuming payment process.  With UPMC My Secure Bill at least one of these problems is eliminated.  To get started with the easy online payment process, patients must enter the myEasyMatch code before clicking the Continue button to proceed.  Users who are having trouble locating the myEasyMatch code can refer to the sample billing image located at the right hand side of the UPMC My Secure Bill page.

UPMC My Secure Billing eStatements

  • Patients can do their part in helping to save the environment by enrolling in eStatements
  • The system will send notice via email when a statement is ready (the login link is provided)
  • Patients can view eStatements online for up to 18 months (that’s a whole year and a half!)
  • All personal information associated with eStatements is secure (encrypted and protected)
  • The eStatement is identical to the paper statement and can be printed by the patient
  • Users must install Adobe Reader software to download, display, or print an eStatement

Patients with further questions regarding UPMC My Secure Bill or eStatement can reach out to UPMC Health services by phone, email, or regular mail.  When contacting UPMC by phone, patients should keep in mind that office hours are Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 6 PM (maybe save the weekends for something much more exciting!).

UPMC Contact Information

  • Quantum 1 Building, Third Floor, Distribution Room 386
  • 2 Hot Metal Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203
  • patientstatements@upmc.edu
  • 844-591-5949




www.nutrisystem.com/turbo13 – Begin Order Nurtisystem Special Offer

Nutrisystem Easy 8 Offer

  • A variety of different plans are available to buy
  • A fast and free online diet analysis tool is provided
  • Customer service can be contacted for assistance

Any weight loss system that claims it can help customers lose up to 13 pounds and 7 inches overall just in the FIRST MONTH is one worthy of taking a closer look at (a MUCH closer look).  To find such a plan one has to search no further than the new 2018 Nutrisystem Turbo 13 program.  Those who have reviewed (and are satisfied with) the available study showing an average loss 11.6 pounds and 8 inches can begin down the path to a healthier new year by clicking the Order Now button found at the top of the offer page (the type of plan must be selected before moving on to the checkout screen).  It should be noted that customers will receive the opportunity to customize the menu before completing the order (maybe shake things up a bit?).  Those who aren’t sure which to choose may want to click on all of the available plans to learn more about each before making a decision (always a good idea to look BEFORE taking the leap!)

Weight-Shredding Plans Available with Nutrisystem Turbo 13 Program

  • Basic – The most affordable and least complex plan is available for just $9.96 a day
  • Core – The ability to choose from different foods for just $10.68 a day? YES PLEASE!
  • Uniquely Yours – PLENTY of variety with the added convenience of frozen foods!
  • Vegetarian – Take a hiatus from the meat-eating lifestyle with a tasty veggie based plan
  • Diabetes Plans – The Basic, Core, and Uniquely Yours plan made specifically for diabetics

Those who are still undecided on whether or not to order may want to consider that ALL of the available plans from Nutrisystem allow for eating up to 6 times per day (hard to go wrong with any of them!).  Customers who would like to receive a FREE online diet analysis can do so by entering a height, weight, gender, and email address into the Nutrisystem Easy Turbo 13 offer page.  In the unfortunate event one isn’t satisfied with the offer, a refund can be initiated within the first 14 days by calling 800-727-8046.  Questions about getting started with a  plan can be addressed by reaching out to a Nutrisystem sales representative between the hours of 7 AM and 12 AM EST.

Nutrisystem Sales Contract Information

  • gettingstarted@nutrisystem.com
  • 800-435-4074




www.myshlonline.com – Enter Sierra Health & Life Online Account

Using the My SHL Online Portal

  • New users can register for an online access
  • A username and password are needed to login
  • Sierra Health & Life contact information is available

When initially signing up for access to an online portal often it’s a requirement to specify the type of account begin registered.  For example, those who are beginning the online registration process for an account with the My SHL Online portal from Sierra Health & Life will first need to confirm if the account is for a member, provider, broker, or an employer (make sure to select the correct one!).  ONLY after the account type has been confirmed will a new user be allowed to commence with the online registration process (no ifs ands or buts about it!).  Once an account has been successfully created access to the portal can be gained by signing in with a username and password.  Those who wish to become a little more familiar with the portal can do so by clicking the Take a Tour link to begin the virtual walk through at www.myshlonline.com (never a bad idea to gather one’s bearing before taking the plunge).

More on Sierra Health & Life Online Access

  • Supported Windows browsers include Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox
  • Supported browsers for Mac users include Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (as expected)
  • Accounts will expire after one year of inactivity (make sure to log in every so often)
  • Those who have let an account expire must recreate an online account for access
  • Unneeded accounts can be deactivated by verbal or written request (easy enough)

Those who have forgotten a username and/or password can click one of the links posted beneath the login fields at the My SHL Online portal to begin the account recovery process.  It’s worth noting that the type of account being recovered must be entered before initiating the password and/or username recovery process.  The Need Help? link can be clicked by those who want to learn more about online access with Sierra Health & Life (might as well brush up on some useful information when the opportunity presents itself).  Questions that must be answered immediately can be addressed calling between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday.

Sierra Life & Heath Contact Numbers

  • Toll-Free – 800-888-2264
  • Local – 702-242-7700



www.mylaheychart.org – Login to My Lahey Chart User Account

My Lahey Chart

  • Username is needed to gain access
  • Online account registration available
  • Account recovery assistance provided

Medical records and other vital health related information should be important enough to demand INSTANT online access.  It’s safe to say those demands have been met (and then some) for patients who have access to the My Lahey Chart portal.  The portal’s login process can be completed in less than a minute by entering a username along with password before hitting the Sign In button.  Patients who have yet to sign up for online access can begin the registration process by clicking the Sign Up link and entering a My Lahey Chart Activation Code along with a date of birth. It should be noted that the activation code should be entered EXACTLY as it appears on the enrollment letter (not case-sensitive) and will not be needed again once the registration process has been completed.  Those who do not have an enrollment code can view the list of providers above the data entry fields to see if one can be requested in person at a future visit.

What can I accomplish with My Lahey Chart?

  • Request or view appointments as well as send messages to a participating doctor’s office
  • View a summarized list of allergies, medications, immunizations, and other health issues
  • Renew prescriptions online and receive reminders about important screenings and tests
  • Pay medical bills and get useful health information directly from Krames and Lexicomp

Patients who have forgotten a password or username can begin the account recovery process by clicking the links located under the login fields at the My Lahey Chart page.  Those who want mobile access to the portal can download the app from either the App Store or Google Play.  Patients who need help with the account activation process may want to get on the horn and dial-up the My Lahey Chart Customer Support Team.  Those who aren’t in the mood for a phone call can peacefully search for the answers they need by clicking the FAQs link posted a the bottom of the My Lahey Chart page.

My Lahey Chart Customer Support Team 

  • 781-744-7300