www.talecriscs.com – Donor Account Login Grifols Talecris

Talecris CS (Colorado Springs) – How to Enter

  • Existing users can login to an account
  • New users can complete registration
  • Password recovery help is available

It only makes sense to ensure that the process of donating is as easy as possible on the donor.  One way this can be accomplished is through a user-friendly online account login process.  Those who donate plasma with Grifols shouldn’t have a whole lot to complain about when it comes to the ease of which account access is granted at the Talecris CS portal.  Upon arrival at the portal, the login process can be completed in practically no-time flat by entering a Login ID and account password prior to hitting the Login button.  Those who can’t get into the Talecris CS portal due to a forgotten password can begin the account recovery process by clicking the Forgot password? link and entering the email address associated with the account.  Those who can’t recall the email address used at registration are encouraged to reach out to Grifols for further assistance.

Donations should be easy!

A Look at Grifols

  • Relies on plasma donations in order to provide source material for protein therapies
  • Extracts the vital proteins from plasma through an advanced manufacturing process
  • The plasma donated by donors is rigorously tested using FDA-approved methods
  • Grifols owns and operates 147 plasma donor centers throughout the United States
  • Individuals are compensated for their time and generosity following each donation

New donors will need  to have a matching valid photo ID and Social Security Card along with proof of address (rental agreement, state issued ID, or mail postmarked within the last 30 days) prior to getting started with donating.  Donors who need register for an Talecris CS portal account can do so by clicking the Create an Account button and entering a name, address, cell phone number, Login ID, and password.  Those with questions can try getting in touch with Grifols by phone or through the mail.

Grifols Contact Information

  • 2410 Lillyvale Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90032-3514
  • 888-474-3657


www.reordermysupplies.com – Begin Reorder US Med Supplies

How do I reorder my supplies?

  • Supplies can be reordered using online form
  • New customers make contact by phone or form
  • Customer service is available to assist by phone

With a subject as vital as medical supplies it is imperative that the reordering process is as easy as possible.  Those who reorder their medical supplies from US Med should have nothing to complain about when it comes to the ease of which the process can be completed.  To begin the reordering process customers will need to go to the Reorder My Supplies page and select the category of product they wish to reorder (diabetes supplies, catheters, CPAP, breathing medication, bladder control – see the below sample image).  Once a category has been chosen an online order form must be completed with a name, email address, phone number, account number (optional), and items to reorder.  Those who need to reorder bladder control products will need to dial 866-222-3875 instead of using the online form at the Reorder My Supplies page.

Low on supplies?

Who, or What, is US Med?

  • US Med focuses on the home delivery of quality medical supplies and medications
  • In its 20 plus year history over 500,000 patients have received supplies from US Med
  • US Med is licensed and accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care
  • A whopping 96% of patients report being either satisfied or very satisfied with US Med
  • US Med began in 1996 as a home based business and has grown to over 500 teammates

Those who are new to US Med can find out more by completing the online form posted to the right side of the Reorder My Supplies page (requires name, phone number, email address, and area of interest).  Potential customers who would like immediate information about the company can pick up the phone and dial 877-840-8218.  Current customers who need assistance can reach out to US Med by calling 877-876-3398.

US Med Address

  • 8260 NW 27th Street, #401 Doral, FL 33122






www.firsthealthlbp.com – Search to Find a Covered Provider

Using First Health LBP

  • Customer service is available to assist by phone
  • Providers can be searched for by multiple methods

Health Insurance isn’t going to do much good for employees who can’t find a provider to take their plan.  When it comes to finding coverage, employees who are fortunate enough to have a health plan managed by First Health won’t be left in the dark.  To get started with a provider search, users will need to go to the First Heath LBP page and click the Start Now button before entering a zip code or select a county/city.  Employees who know exactly what they need can cut to the chase and conduct a specific search by entering a provider name, specialty, facility, or condition in the search bar located near the top of the First Health LBP page.  Users who are inclined to do some browsing can view the displayed list of providers, specialties, and conditions.

Important Information Regarding Use of First Health LBP

  • In some cases provider information found on the search page may change (although First Health does strive to maintain up to date information)
  • The listing of providers found in the directory is not a guarantee of coverage as some facility-based physicians may not be contracted as in-network
  • Some providers that can be found at the First Health LBP Page may charge an access fee (which is not a covered benefit) in order to receive service
  • It is important for patients to confirm a provider’s network status prior to making a visit (patients will also want to check for any practice limitations)

Employees who want to find a provider that treats other people with their condition, age, and gender can hit the Get Started button (found under the search bar at the First Health LBP Page).  During this type of search users will be asked to supply their age range, gender, and health conditions.  Members who have further questions regarding their benefits can try contacting First Heath by phone Monday through Friday between 7 AM and 7 PM Central Standard Time.

First Health Contact Number

  • 800-226-5116


www.AZMyChart.com – Begin Login to AZ MyChart System

Brushing Up on AZ MyChart

  • Username and a password are needed to enter
  • Online login credential recovery help available
  • Over the phone assistance is available to users

When it comes to personal health records nobody should be left in the dark.  With that being said, it’s a good thing those who have been seen at an Honor Health provider won’t have worry about if or how they can gain access to this vital information thanks to the easy online process available at the AZ MyChart page.  The login process can be completed by entering a MyChart username along with a password prior to hitting the Sign In button (entry fields can be found at the top right corner of the page).  Those who have forgotten a username or password can begin the account recovery process by clicking the links posted under the corresponding login fields.  Patients who are interested in on the go access can download the MyChart mobile apps by clicking the links posted under the login fields at the AZ MyChart page (available at the App Store and on Google Play).


What can I accomplish after logging into MyChart?

  • Appointments with a primary care physician can be scheduled or canceled
  • Non-urgent questions can be sent to practice providers (response in 2 days)
  • Test and lab results can be viewed and prescription refills can be requested
  • Medications, immunizations, allergies, and health history can be reviewed
  • Bills for all Honor Health accounts can be securely paid through MyChart

Those who have yet to sign up for access to MyChart can begin the process by clicking the Sign Up Now link posted at the AZ MyChart page and entering a date of birth and zip code along with the activation code receive from the provider (those who have not received an access code can request one by clicking the link posted at the registration page).  Patients who have questions about the system can reach out to MyChart by phone.

MyChart Phone Numbers

  • General Questions – 623-580-5800
  • Technical Questions – 623-434-6293





www.aetnadisability.com – Login to Aetna Disability Management

Entering the Aetna Disability Management System

  • Username and password are required to access portal
  • First time users can register for an online account
  • Mobile apps are available to be downloaded online


After filing a claim of pretty much any nature, one can’t help but think about how it’s progressing.  Those who have filed a claim with Aetna can now login to check its status in little to no time through the WorkAbility portal.  To gain access to the online portal users will need to go to the Aetna Disability page and login using a username and password.  Users who are anxious for constant updates on the status of a claim can expedite future logins by checking the Remember Me box.  Those who are having problems getting into the portal due to a forgotten username can retrieve it by entering their name, date of birth, state, and Employee ID or Social Security Number.  Users who are locked out due to a forgotten password can enter a username to begin the password retrieval process.  The links to both the username and password recovery processes are posted under the login fields at the Aetna Disability page.

Why should I register for access to Aetna Diability?

  • In addition to checking the status of a claim portal users can get updates on their leave
  • Users should enjoy the convenience of using the portal to easily submit and sign forms
  • The WorkAbility portal can be used to upload documents from a computer or a phone
  • Members can use the portal read letters, print forms, and report their return to work

Those who wish to take a quick online tour of the WorkAbility portal can do so by clicking the links available at the right hand side of the page.  Please note that both videos and documents can be reviewed.

The Register Now button can be clicked by those who have yet to create a username and password.  Portal users who need to download forms can click the available links posted at the Aetna Disability page (Appeals, Disability, Leave of Absence).  Those interested in downloading the Aetna Mobile app can do so through the App Store or Google Play.

Aetna Disability Claim Status Line

  • 866-236-4089 (between 8 AM and 8 PM Eastern Time)