www.txu.com/cashback – Enter TXU Cash Back Rewards Card

How to Manage Your TXU Cash Back Rewards

  • Cardholders must enter a username and password to login
  • New cardholders can register for online account access
  • Access to the system is available in 3 different languages

It’s hard to feel confident while making a purchase with a prepaid card without knowing what’s left on the account (unless you enjoy having your card declined in front of a checkout line full of snickering onlookers).  Fortunately, those who have a TXU Cash Back Loyalty Reward can now avoid this unpleasant situation.  In order to do so, cardholders can manage their account online at the after logging in with a username and password.  Once signed in, cardholders can look up the current balance of a card and take care of other account management needs.

A Brief Review of Wirecard 

  • A top provider of outsourcing and white label solutions for electronic payments
  • Provides services to 34,000 customers across various industries (no small feat!)
  • Entered the North American market by purchasing Citi Prepaid (a HUGE move!)
  • Has nearly 6,000 employees worldwide operating out of 26 different countries
  • Workforce has increased dramatically growing 7 times over from 2009 and 2016
A little cash back can go a LONG way.

Cardholders who need to register a TXU Cash Back Rewards  card for the first time can enter the number shown on the front of the card to begin (it’s to the right of the signature line).  Meanwhile, those who need to manage a different card (always nice to have more than one reward card!) can begin by entering a card number after clicking the Access Another Card link.  Finally, cardholders who prefer to use a language different from the one shown can use the drop down box posted at the top right corner page (English, Spanish, and French are available).

Wirecard AG is publicly traded on the Frankfurt Securities Exchange under ticker symbol WDI.  Those with questions pertaining to Wirecard’s financial performance can try calling the company’s investor relations department.

Wirecard Investor Relations Number

  • +49 (0) 89 4424 1788


www.beginactivation.com – Quick Activation of WU NetSpend Card

Begin Activation of NetSpend Card (It’s Easy)

  • Cardholders must enter a card number to begin
  • New customers can open a card account online
  • Customer support contact information is available

Western Union and NetSpend are both known for making the process of managing money incredibly easy (what a great thing to be known for!).  Considering this, it comes as no surprise to see the two companies combine forces.  The end result of such a collaboration?  None other than the Western Union NetSpend Prepaid MasterCard.  Customers who are ready to reap the rewards of a new account can get started by going to the Begin Activation page.  The cardholder can then initiate the activation process by entering 16 digit card number along with the 3 digit CVC2 number.  Once the cardholder enters both pieces of required information they can go ahead and click the Continue button to proceed with getting the card ready for use.

Let’s get that card activated!

Why Western Union NetSpend Prepaid MasterCard?

  • Funds can be received up to 2 days faster with Direct Deposit of pay checks or government benefits
  • The card can be used to send a Western Union Money Transfer to over 200 countries or territories
  • The Refer-a-Friend program offers $20 when friends or family members load at least $40 on a card
  • Cardholders may be covered by a $10 “purchase cushion” in the event the card is overdrawn (phew)
  • The card offfers an optional savings account that earns 5% APY on balances up to $1,000 (HUGE)

Customers who need to find the nearest reload location can do so by clicking the link posted to the bottom of the Begin Activation page.  After clicking the link, the page will bring up a map of the country marked with available locations (the map will need to receive location information from the computer being used).  Additionally, cardholders who have already signed up can click Login link to gain access to an online account.  Questions regarding the Western Union NetSpend Prepaid MasterCard can be addressed by contacting customer service between the hours of 8 AM and 10 PM Monday through Friday and from 8 AM to 8 PM on the weekends (all times CST).

Customer Service Contact Information

  • PO Box 2136  Austin, TX 78768-2136
  • customerservice@wunetspendprepaid.com
  • Phone – 800-214-5483
  • Fax – 512-532-8323


www.xraybill.com – Begin Online Payment for an X Ray Bill

Learn How to Pay an X Ray Bill Online

  • Patients can pay their bills online using account info
  • Online contact form is available for those with questions

Anyone who has had the unpleasant experience of a hospital visit can look forward to the even more unpleasant billing process.  The good news is, this often confusing billing process has become a little easier (for those who had x rays taken at their visit at least) thanks to the X Ray bill page.  Patients who are looking to wipe out the x ray portion of their hospital tab can begin the online payment process by entering an account number, zip code, and last name.  Once the required information has been entered users will need to hit the Login button to continue into the X Ray Bill page and complete the payment process.

Fast and easy online bill pay!

A Few Pointers When it comes to Reading an X Ray Bill

  • Physician Group Name & Address – The name and address of the group of doctors who interpreted the x ray results can be found at the upper left corner of the bill
  • Online Payment Option – Users can look to the upper right hand corner of their x ray bill to find the amount owed along with the accepted types of credit cards
  • Account Number – The patient account number needed to make a payment at the X Ray Bill page can be found at the upper right corner under the credit card options
  • Payment Mailing Address – The address where payments can be sent to is located underneath the section where the payment options and account number is located

After making the online payment at the X Ray Bill page users will have the option to take a brief online patient survey regarding their experience at the radiology department.  Those who have questions regarding the payment process can submit an online contact form including a name, phone number, email address, and questions or comments.



www.payment-card.com – Login to Access Payment Card Account

A Quick Guide to Your Payment-Card 

  • A username and password are needed to login
  • New users can complete registration process
  • Customer support services are available

A payment card doesn’t instill much confidence in cardholders who have no idea how much funds they have available.  Those who have payment cards serviced by Prepaid Technologies can stand tall and walk with bravado knowing the exact amount of purchase power they hold thanks to the easy online account information access provided at the Payment-Card page.  To access an account, cardholders will need to login with a username and password.  Those who have not yet signed up for online account access can begin the registration process by clicking the Need a Login? link and entering a card number.  Cardholders who are having problems recalling their login credentials (both username or password) can click the Forgot Your Login? link to begin the account recovery process (see below sample image).

A Quick Overview of Prepaid Technologies

  • Prepaid Technologies was founded in 1998 out of Birmingham, Alabama by banking industry professionals
  • The company is comprised of experts in the field of electronic payments with more than 50 years of experience
  • Prepaid Technologies focuses on payment solutions and has a reputation as a successful and trusted provider
  • The company offers Visa and MasterCard programs that are FDIC insured and meet all applicable regulations
  • Prepaid Technologies provides stored value cards that are packaged and marketed as many diverse products

Those who own a Gift or Reward Card that begins with 492428, 407298, 535326, 477526 or 445423 should refer to Card-Support link provided at the Payment-Card page to access their gift card account information.  Cardholders who need to activate a card, report a card lost or stolen, review account activity, or load funds can do so by phone by calling the toll-free customer support number.  Payments, transaction disputes, or general correspondence can be mailed directly to the Cardholder Services PO Box.

Payment-Card Contact Information

  • PO Box 551209, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33355
  • support@in-prepaid.com
  • 888-621-1397


www.citi.com/specialpurchaserate – Citi’s Special Purchase Rate

Learn How to Qualify for a Citi Special Purchase Rate

  • Cardholders can activate mailing offer online
  • Account login is required to activate the offer
Because who doesn’t like a lower APR?

There’s nothing quite like a lower Annual Percentage Rate (APR) offer to give cardholders some added incentive to increase spending.  Citi is taking it one step further by not only offering a lower APR but a ZERO percent APR.  Cardholders who are now foaming at the mouth and ready to take advantage of this limited time mailing offer can get started by going to the Citi Special Purchase Rate page and logging into their account.   To complete the login process customers will need to enter their User ID and password before hitting the Sign On button.  Those who prefer to be remembered on their computer for future account access can check the Remember My User ID box located under the login fields on the Citi Special Purchase Rate page.

Is there anything else I should know about Citi?

  • Cardholders who want in on personalized benefits, offers, and tips can use a unique and interactive tool being offered by Citi
  • With Citi Private Pass cardholders can enjoy access to ticket pre-sales, VIP packages, and the best in live music, sports and more
  • The Citi Diamond Preferred card offers customers Citi’s lowest introductory APR for 21 months on purchases and balance transfer

Customers who are in search of the nearest Citi ATM or branch location can use the search tool located at the bottom of the Citi Special Purchase Rate page (customers will need to enter their address and hit the Find Locations button).  Those with other questions or concerns can give the Citi customer support line a shout.

Citi Special Purchase Rate Customer Support

  • 888-248-4226