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Renew Golf Magazine Subscription Online

  • You’ll need to login to start the renewal process
  • The systems provides 3 different login options
  • Frequently Asked Questions are available
  • Customer service can also help with questions
It’s time to renew!

We all know that golf can be frustration sometimes (or MOST of the time for some of us!).  However, that doesn’t mean renewing Golf Magazine has to be.  For example, you can now easily renew your subscription online after logging into your online account.  In order to do so just type in your name, address, and country.  Once you’ve enter your information go ahead and click the Login Now button to proceed.

More About Your Golf Magazine Subscription

  • Prevent interruptions of delivery by knowing your subscription’s expiration date
  • The expiration date of your subscription is located on the label above your name
  • Keep in mind that your subscription payments may take up to 2 weeks to process
  • You can also receive access to a Golf Magazine digital edition (online version)
  • Cancellation can be done anytime by contacting Golf Magazine customer service

In addition to logging with your name and address, there are 2 alternative login methods you can use to renew your subscription. The first of which only requires that you enter your email address and zip code (this may be the easiest overall).  Meanwhile, the last login method requires that you enter your last name and account number (this may be the most tedious because who knows their account number off the top of their head??).

By the way, you can learn more about your subscription by clicking the Frequently Asked Questions link posted at the left hand side of the renewal page.  Additionally, you can also contact customer service toll-free for further assistance.

Questions about how to renew Golf Magazine?

  • PO Box 3200, Harlan, IA 51593-0046
  • 800-876-7726

Ready to begin your renewal?  – www.renewgolf.com

More Magazine Renewal Information

www.tasteofhome.com/quickpay – Begin Quick Pay Taste of Home

Make a Taste of Home Quick Payment!

  • Type of account must be selected to begin
  • Two different login options are available
  • Frequently Asked Questions are provided
Make a quick and easy payment.

When it comes time to make an online payment, most customer prefer to do it QUICKLY.  Those who have subscribed to Taste of Home can now get settled up on an account in a mere matter of seconds by visiting the magazine’s customer care center located at the Taste of Home Quick Pay page.  Upon arrival at the customer care center, it will first be necessary to choose the type of account that requires payment (a variety of different magazines are available to choose from).  Once the appropriate selection has been made an account login can take place using either an account number and zip code or customer name and address.  After logging into the Taste of Home quick pay page an online payment can be made in addition to handling a variety of other account management issues such as updating credit card information, changing a billing address, viewing an account summary, or updating preferences (just to name a few of the many things that can be taken care of!).

Thanks! Anything else I should know about my Taste of Home account?

  • Payments sent by mail can use the return envelope included with the billing statement
  • A Continuous Renewal Privilege is offered to ensure deliveries continue uninterrupted
  • All subscribers receive FREE access to the digital version of the subscription (EXCELLENT)
  • Replacement issues can be requested under the Report Damaged/Missing Issue section
  • Account numbers can be found above the name and address on the mailing label

Customers with questions about an account can trying reviewing the information found under the FAQ link posted at the bottom of the Taste of Home Quick Pay page.  The Click Here link can be tapped by those who wish to begin a new Taste of Home subscription.  It should be noted that it should take around 6 to 8 weeks to receive the first issue after placing an order.  Those who haven’t received the first issue after two months can try reaching out to Taste of Home customer care for assistance (when the waiting game is over it’s time for action!).

Taste of Home Customer Care Contact Information

  • PO Box 5294, Harlan, IA 51593-0794
  • customercare@tasteofhome.com


www.landoffreezedom.com – Enter Bomb Pop Gaming Center

Stop & Play Some Games at Land of Freezedom

  • A variety of cool games are available
  • Sound can be turned off  at any time
  • Wells Food Service contact info is available

Let’s face it, everyone needs a break from the mundane every so often.  Those who agree may be interested in the unbridled escapism offered by Bomb Pop’s Land of Freezedom online gaming center.  Upon arrival at the center the icons shown on the green orb can be clicked to pull up one of the available fun and zany online games.  Those who prefer to play without sound can go ahead click the icon posted at the top right hand side of the page to put everything on mute (might be a good idea for those attempting to play while taking a quick break at work!).  Friends and family can be let in on the fun by clicking the icon posted at the bottom right hand of side of the page to copy and text the link to the Land of Freezedom gaming center.  It needs to be pointed out that the green orb can be clicked on and spun in any direction to get a 360 degree view (there’s more games than initially meets the eye!).

Delicious Bomb Pop Variations

  • Jolly Rancher – When two great brand names are combined the end result is often special
  • Banana Fudge – A classic combination of flavors that many simply can’t possibly say no to
  • Junior – Exactly like the original only smaller (the delicious original flavors are still included)
  • Strawberry Raspberry Fruit – A fruity combination that’s sure to make the taste buds POP
  • Bomb Pop Cup – All of the original flavors crammed into a handy cup (no stick needed!)

Bomb Pop is made by Wells Food Services,  the top manufacturer of ice cream and frozen novelties in the food service channel.  Those who wish to provide feedback or ask a questions regarding Bomb Pops or any of the other Wells brands can do so by calling the company’s toll-free feedback and inquiry line.

Wells Food Services Customer Feedback & Inquiry Phone Number

  • 800-331-0830